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Mary, I love your story and see you live in Lancashire. Not sure whether we know each other, because I am not far away in Southport. You may recognise me from my picture (yes, that is really me!)..
Hi David - Southport is a wonderful place. We have moved from Lancashire to Cumbria now. Reading your posts it made me laugh about the tea - It was the hardest thing to give up when I joined the church. Since I left I can`t drink it, only coffee ! Mary
My, what a courageous and strong woman you are! I find in my own life with it's "battles", that the saying about winning the "WAR"- applies to you as well as I. Keep on being happy and knowing that you have and are winning the "War"- with such bravery and courage, that you are an inspiration to me and I am sure to many more!!!
Hi Connie thanks for the reply and your kind comments. I did not feel strong at the time. Where u from? Mary
Thank you for your supportive and kind words Connie. Where do you come from? What is your story? I am writing today to thank everyone for their support. Hopefully I will be given the opportunity to tell the whole story ! Which will allow me to put a closure on the whole ex-mormon episode. Taking the best from the past, leaving the worst behind and going forward into a brighter future. Take care
Hi Mary, I've just read your story and it brought tears to my eyes. I have shared some similar experiences. I get frustrated too at times, all I want in life, like you is a family and someone to love. That is what can be attractive in the mormon faith, but also destroys too!! You should be proud of your strength and courage. Erica
Thanks for your kind sentiments Erica. Where do you come from? When did u `escape` the church? U found happiness now ? Take care Mary
Thank you for much for your comments Erica I have not heard from you since. Where do you come from? I wanted to tell everyone today how much I appreciated the fact that they read my story. Hopefully enough viewers read, indicated they liked and wanted to hear more. Then I will be able to tell the whole story. When did you leave? Have you found a new partner? You sound a lovely person. Take care.


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