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I recently registered the domain names and, both of which point to  I intend for this site to become an index of links from both sides of the fence (apologists & LDS sources vs the mormon truth movement) spanning as many topics as possible.  As I am mostly uneducated myself on historical and doctrinal issues due to my own exit not involving those things, it would be best if many of you could volunteer your vast knowledge of online resources and links.  So what we need is links from both spectrums of the same topic to give viewers easily accessible materials to compare and make their own decision as to who is "spinning" and justifying but still confirming uncomfortable truths.  If you'd like to contribute and participate in this project, please join the Investigating Mormonism Project group on so that we can keep all related discussions and topic brain storming in a central and easily collaborative order.  Below is a rough example of what I'm going for and how each topic will be laid out, keeping it as simple as possible:



LDS Sources ----------Critical Sources

FairLDS Article article

FamilySearch ----------Wives of Joseph Smith


LDS Authored Books ------Critical Books


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I think this is really good. Sometimes it will be difficult to designate sources as LDS or critical. Even taking the example of Mormon Enigma in your post, I don't think it could be seen both ways. From what I understand, both authors were active members of the church when the book was written. Take a look at what one of the authors of the book wrote on Amazon. This author still identifies as LDS and neither of the authors were ever excommunicated for writing the book. Does that make this an LDS authored book? I think most members seeking to maintain their faith in the church will think of the book as critical though so it would be hard to deem an LDS source. Rather categorizing each book or source as pro or con, it might be helpful to instead give a sentence or two that sums up the perspective of the author(s) and the reception the book has received. 


For example...




FairLDS Article - Though the information on FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) should not be interpreted as official statements of LDS doctrine, belief, or practice, FAIR has been defending the LDS church online since 1997 and its mission is to provide well-researched answers to challenging questions within a faithful context.


Family Search - An official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


And so on.



My $0.02

I will join the group, as soon as I can see the top of my desk!!  LOL  But I'm wondering if there should be a third category, (the words that come to mind are "riding a very thin fence".  I would actually put Bushman's book in that category -- as I've been privy to many complaints that he's still not being true to his intellect, and is both "honest" about J.S., and then turns right around and makes apologetic arguments.  The book has been a first step for some people who are now out of the church.  I don't think "apologetic" would be a helpful title for this group, cause a lot of people don't even know what that means.  But I'm sure the right title could be found if you think this is a valid idea.  Just an idea that popped into my head when I saw the two lists.



It used to be Mormon Doctrine aka Bruces' Bible was the answer book for members to be told how they should believe on all kinds of issues.  FairLDS has replaced Bruce's Bible and in fact members and missionaries alike are told to use this as their one-stop shopping trip for truth and knowledge and is fully endorsed by their masters.

I agree with "3 categories". I say color code them, and have the color code explained either at the top, or right after every new topic so it is easily understood. 


You could have one color (or symbol) for "Pro Mormon"

One color for "Critical"

One color for "In between" or something like that. 

I love this idea by the way! I think it is long overdue.

I'm in on this one; been reading for 4 years and while my memory is not perfect, I have lots of info on the topics on my computer. I make notes when I reads a book.

How do I add books on here or do I? I like the idea of an in between category too, but we may not all agree on what fits that category.

Could we have a voting list set up so that people can see how others feel about the book and which category it fits into?

We need to get Richard Packham on this group and Bob McCue and others who have a lot of information stored away in their heads and computers and websites.

This is a great idea.

Join the Investigating Mormonism group and then when we start discussions for each topic you can name the books that cover that topic.  I like the idea of a 3rd category as well for in-between or neutral sources.  Perhaps they could be broken down into Faith Promoting, Unfiltered and Neutral categories.  Thoughts?
A tbm friend of mine who likes to read will read first the source and if it is anything considered anti, exlds, lighthouse ministry, etc.will absolutely not read it.  How would it be possible to make this not quickly get the reputation as another online place for tbm's to avoid?
I don't think it's possible to have a "neurtral" Mormon-related book, cause in the Mormon world, it's so black and white.  I think we could brainstorm and find a better world.  And....I honestly believe that Richard could give us a very intelligent opinion of most of the books we might come up with, as he seems to be very fair when he reviews a book, and he seems to know everything about the sites out there.  I agree that having Richard and Bob here would be really great.
How about:  LDS Research Studies, or LDS RS.  Maybe not put it in categories of mormonish to unmormonish.    Just have a subject posted, then have the short version (lds superficial) followed by the longer version and followed after that with footnotes referencing actual documents and suggested books per topic.


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