I know that several people have asked for a modern, detailed, youtube video that explains the top problems of the Mormon Church that we can use to share with others. Well, your cries have been heard. Some members of the various boards got together and this is the result.

The following video introduces the Top 10 Problems of the Mormon Church. It's a long video at 1 hr and 21 min but it's easy to watch yet provides just enough detail to both LDS & Gentiles to introduce each of 10 serious problems in the LDS church. It's not anti-Mormon yet plainly explains the top issues that critics have with the church. Think of it as a modern replacement for the Godmakers but something you might be more comfortable sharing with friends and family.


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Excellent video.  Thank you.  It pointed-out a lot of the evidence against the church being true in a calm and reasoned manner.  It even had some that I've not come across before.

I think this may be the next thing I will refer my family to when they're ready to hear it.


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