New Book on Sociological/Political Issues of Bodies and Sexuality--Includes Mormon Background

In case anyone is interested, I have a new book available through Booklocker, titled "Playing Dangerous Games," that deals with sociological and political issues concerning understanding bodies and sexuality. The core of the book focuses on stereotyping and marginalizing people. As an interdisciplinary social scientist who was raised in a strict Mormon community, I included much in the book about Mormon influence on sexual matters (yes, it can screw us up--pardon my choice of words!).


Note: The book is an adventurous and brave read that is intended for an educated, general adult audience, but does have a very positive message. In light of efforts to ban gay marriage (Prop 8), media attention on "sex addiction," etc., the book seems timely. Initial reviews by scholars have been very positive. The webpage for more information is:


Please feel free to forward the link to others who may be interested, and please contact me if you have any questions.


I will post a few other important research links relevant to Mormonism and sexuality (social issues) soon, in case some of you are interested.


Cheers, DJ



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Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
An excellent paper on Mormonism and attitudes on sexuality by Mark Kim Malan and the late Vern Bullough appeared in 2005 in the journal Sexuality & Culture, volume 9, number 4, pp. 80-127. The title is, "Historical development of new masturbation attitudes in Mormon culture: Silence, secular conformity, counterrevolution, and emerging reform."


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