I've been inactive for 30 years and because of political reasons have decided recently to officially resign my membership. I went to all the suggested sites on the web to get the proper wording so that it would be handled quickly and I would have to have no further contact with anyone. Finally I did it last week - sent the letter off to Church records. Yesterday, I get a form response letter back.   " I have been asked to inform you... that the matter must be handled by local preisthood leaders and a copy of this letter has been sent to your stake president, blah blah bah and someone will be contacting you concerning the fullfillment of your request. In veiw of the eternal consequences of such an action, the Brethren urge you to reconsider your request and prayerfully consider the enclosed statement of the first presidency." They enclosed an "Invitation" to "return to the joy I once knew,..." Ughhh!!!! Now what. I don't want this douchebag stake president contacting me. Anybody else dealing with this?

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Sorry you're getting hassled by the Morg.  When I sent mine in, I got the invitation (despite making it clear that I would consider it an invasion of privacy), but they didn't say anyone would contact me, and they didn't.  I also made it clear in my letter that I knew that the church was totally false.  Two and one-half months later I got the letter stating that my name had been removed.

If I were in your position and anyone contacted me, I would tell them firmly that I considered this contact an invasion of privacy because I made it clear in my letter that I wanted no further contact.

From my understanding of the law, once you sent the letter and recieved a letter in turn confirming they recieved it, you are actually no long a member and do not have to meet with any church leaders. This is a tactic they use to get you to come back and discuss any problems you have with the church. If anyone contacts you, you should inform them that you are no longer a member and have no obligation to meet with anyone. Furthermore, you should inform them that you do not wish to be contacted again about the matter. Like Idaho Spud mentioned, they will eventually remove your name completely from their records regardless if you meet with leader or not.

Additionally, if you decide to meet with them, they may actually try to excommunicate you even though you are techincally not a member. If that does occur, you may inform them that excommunication does not apply to you as you are no longer a member.

I knew it was too much to hope for that they would just let me go.  No respect,... I'll try one more letter and then I guess I'll have to get an attorney. 

Anybody know a good one in California that would be interested?  :)

I just found this site today but It seems to have some really good information, including legal rights:


You just write your local bishop a letter.  There's nothing fancy about it.  And when they call, and want to come see you, you just say no.  They showed up at our front door to visit my 35 year old daughter when she sent her letter in last year, after 25 years of church absence.  She hollered out the door that her mother always told her not to open the door to strangers.

It's their standard operating procedure. From what I have seen, they send that response to everyone regardless of your standing in the church.

The letter is the same no matter what.  They likely don't even read anymore than the first paragraph of your letter stating your name and that you'd like to be removed.   They just look up in the computer what ward your records are at and send it to them to take care of it.

They don't send it for about 6 weeks though.  They want you to start feeling guilty and write back saying you changed your mind.  That is why they stamp the envelope as return service requested.  

They won't remove you from the records unless they confirm by telephone or in person that you requested the records be removed.  

Unless my memory has gone the way of my ambition, they never tried to contact me.

It just occurred to me that I had my letter notarized.  That may be why.

Nobody ever called me or visited me or my daughter after we sent our letters in.  We received letters from our bishops, and that was it.

The Bishop could have just lied and said he talked to you unless they changed things since then.  When the bishop here called he just said that he was filling out the form to send to Salt Lake and they had to check saying they communicated by phone or in person to confirm the request.  


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