Trying to get a body count of those who left the morg in the past 5 years. If you didn't answer in any other forum and you are not dead you can be on
the records of the unchurch.
Please share year you left, position held at time and keep it to this post, I'm not good at math. Exmormon
Foundation is interested in how many people are leaving and what is helping them to get out.

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2010 official resignation- left emotionally 12 years earlier in 1998.  I left because it was hurting my family and had destroyed my family before.  I couldn't stay in it.  This year Boyd Packers speech was when I needed to make a statement to my gay son and remove  my name.  My son is also sending in his letter.


Thanks guys keep them coming. Really appreciate this. We know it won't give us an accurate census but it will give us an idea of who and why, how and and when.
Hopefully you already got me down in the other FB thread.

Micah you didn't give details in that post you just put 'me'.

what year did you leave? What was your calling? Did you resign; when? If you want to add more about why or how you started your discovery, that is all helpful info. We can decide how best to reach people. We know that there are people out there who don't know where to turn for help through this crisis and we need to get the truth out to them and some comfort and belonging again.

My calling at the time I left and resigned was as a member of the scouting committee, which doesn't require you to be a member, so my calling continued even after I resigned, lol.  I eventually informed them that I no longer had my heart into scouting and that I wouldn't be showing up to any further committee meetings.  That was almost a year after I left, lol.  I left the church on May 28th, 2008 mentally, resigned August 1st, 2008 formally.

@ Sybel, their numbers ARE terribly inflated. If people such as yourself do not take their names off the records you are assumed a member until you are 110 years old. That would mean if you were born in 1980, your membership record will stay intact until 2090, even if you are dead or haven't stepped inside the church since the turn of the century.

This is not to tell you that you must resign, you have to do what is right for you, but it does give them inflated stats. The other way is to count children who are born to church members. They didn't used to do that. Just taking a line out of Jim Whitefield's latest book.

"You can hardly consider a baby an actual member of anything other than its own family."


With all the people leaving or simply not joining the church they have to keep the numbers up in some way, so adding innocent little ones seems like a great way to do it.

Thank you so much Sybel for adding your info. Because we are looking for people who have left in the past five years I cannot count your name - However, should you choose at some time to resign, that would be a date I could enter into my spreadsheet - happily.

It always matters. Untill it is removed, you are viewed and counted as a member.  You can learn what to do in this site.


Since it is such a small thing, just do it.



Don, I'm not sure it's a small thing for some...And for others, like my son, it's a non-issue.  He's had no contact from anyone in the church for almost 15 years.  I doubt he ever thinks about going through any kind of process.

Technically still a member, and even go most Sundays to sacrament to appease the wife. In my head I've been out of the church since at least November 2008, though, when I was a YM advisor. It happened over about a year, doubts growing into full-blown WTF's, but I'd say the biggest factors were:

- Read up on the history and rites of the Freemasons. I knew of the connection, but seeing the word-for-word plagiarism and learning of its origins in medieval Scotland was a blow.

- Learned of the study that showed zero genetic connection between Native Americans and Palestinians.

- Found out about how many lies the church tells about its own history, mainly by reading Rough Stone Rolling, by Bushman.

- Thorough disgust at the church's anti-homosexual bigotry when brought to light by prop 8. (though I'm straight)

- Finally, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, by Daniel Dennett, blew my mind by explaining the purely natural origins of life and religion.

Thank you very much for giving that info. I know that there are situations that cause people to keep attending even though they have had several WTF moments. But we can only really claim you as having left the church if you physically do not attend; just for the purposes of this survey. I'm glad that you are on your way and hope that one day it will be easier for you to walk away and resign so that your name is not on their records. They can't have you; we want you;-)

2010: Our family of five officially resigned


2005-2006: I openly admitted my disbelief to the bishop and DW.  We'd moved into a new ward and my last calling was as ward clerk AFTER declining EQ position due to my "doubts" but I was still attending and waiting for DW to get on the same page.


2001-2004: I privately admitted my disbelief to myself while serving in the branch presidency and on the district council.  I had some typical long term doubts or problems with church doctrine and more but had "put them on the shelf," as they say, pending some future resolution.  As I found myself in leadership roles I felt that I needed to address my long term doubts to avoid being a hypocrite when conducting sacrament meetings, extending callings and so forth.  Also the uninspired nature of running the branch and such pushed me away a little too.

@ Scott T - although I don't qualify to be counted (because I left earlier than stipulated date) I must just comment that I think that personally my most difficult period as a member was when I KNEW it was all a bunch of codswollow yet I was still in a calling, (one that fortunately did not hinge on things too spiritual or doctrinal as much as some of the callings) but in the calling made me feel, nonetheless, very hypocritical.  My mind was playing such guilty conscience games with me that I just had to take a stand and be true to myself first before thinking of the hurt I was going to cause others.

It was not easy but it got easier with time.

I think the only hurt I still sometimes feel is that those "sisters in the gospel" who I thought would be there for me no matter what happened in my life, ended up shunning me and would literally make a detour to avoid bumping into me. Others I think are very good at "pretending" it doesn't make a difference that I am no longer "one of them" -then again I can count on the fingers of my one hand those that "couldn't care less" whether I had grown horns and a tail. Such is TSC "true" C.


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