Trying to get a body count of those who left the morg in the past 5 years. If you didn't answer in any other forum and you are not dead you can be on
the records of the unchurch.
Please share year you left, position held at time and keep it to this post, I'm not good at math. Exmormon
Foundation is interested in how many people are leaving and what is helping them to get out.

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Left the church officially Nov 2010. I left because I was not satisfied with finding the truth's of life through faith and religion. I discovered even those who aren't religious still have morals and perform charitable acts.  Religion seemed pointless to me as it never was able to answer my questions. I was sick of hearing, "It's just part of God's mysterious ways. We'll find out in the next life." Rather, I have found a lot of answers to my questions about the world through science :) The rest that science can't answer, I just accept that 'I don't know'. Heavenly Father never answered my prayers or intervened in my life in any way. He is not there. Period.

Thank you Kiley and Kira and anyone else I might have forgotten to thank.

Kira, are you resigning from the church or did you already? The official letter of resignation is what I'm referring to. I'm not telling you you have to do it, it just for the sake of the spread sheet of information about those who leave, what they do, how they found out about the lies etc. The Exmormon Foundation puts on a conference in SLC every Oct. and it is really helpful to know what topics got people going and if they actually resigned.


You have all been so helpful in this.


I sent in my resignation letter August of 2010 and I received confirmation from the church that they got my letter in Nov 2010. So yes, I have officially resigned from the church.

Thanks Kira:)
Left on 1st November 2010, no callings held at the time.
Was this an official resignation Pushka?


Just mailed my resignation letter this morning.   I am a married mother of two, and my husband completely supports my decision, though he has decided not to have his name removed at this time.  We both have come to the conclusion in the past two years that the LDS church is not what it claims to be, and don't like the fact that the church goes to great lengths to cover the actual history.   I have yet to tell my parents, and siblings and am nervous about how that will go, whenever I get the courage to tell them :)  The thing that has helped me the most is a website:  It gives me strength to know that there are other out there that have travelled the same road that I am journeying on right now.

Everyone that is not one of the Fast and Testimony folks that has to get up and be seen....needs to resign by writing the needed letter. Do not email. That is an unproven process. It is a brief process and is very cathartic. You can get the info and directions from this site by going to the main page and clicking on the resign area.

There are those that make things happen, and those that wonder what happened. Be part of the first group.


Just mailed my resignation letter a couple of days ago! It felt good! Stopped going to Church January of 2010 -when I started considering myself an Ex Mormon in my heart- thats what really counts right! ;) I didn't hold a position in the church. I wasn't good enough for that! lol 


What helped me to get out? I think learning about the Book of Mormon and about the fallibility of revelation were the two biggest things that started my journey. The Book of Abraham was the official end of my search to "know".


EDIT: kota11 thanks for your comment! You don't know how much it means to me to know that my videos are making a difference and helping people!!

Well, hello fellow Canadian!  I have to tell you, that, when the church started to unravel in my life I struggled with what to do with the information.  I had decided, in a lonely moment that I would just wait until my TBM parents died and then leave the church.  ( They are only in their 60's, and healthy as could be!) The thought of telling my family was unimaginable.  I had never personally known anyone to leave the church, and though I didn't believe in it anymore, my solution was to pretend  that I did believe, and attend church so that I didn't devastate my family with the news.  For some reason I was willing to sacrifice my happiness for theirs. 

And then a miracle happened in my life!  I came accross your website in December of 2010, and it literally gave me hope!  There were people there, just like me, and from my same part of the country even, that had told their families and left the church!  Canadianjohnson, I could never thank you enough!  I have told 3 of my 7 siblings, and one of my sisters visits your site regularly and has also been moved by the stories. 

Thank you!  I am almost free! lol

Hurray! I was your miracle!! :)


Thanks for sharing, I am so glad to know the videos have been a strength to you! Is your sister still LDS then? I'm glad you are feeling more authentic in your life! I just want to give you a high five over the internet! lol


My hope is that these videos are strengthening so many more that I never hear about and that your story is one of many! 


Bye for now!




PS I got a message from the website contact form that seemed like it might be you- did you write one me one day on the website?

Hey Dan!

I'll take that high five!!!

Yes my sister is still LDS, and attending church every week, but she has been doing alot of reading and is seeing all the holes in mormonism- she's just trying to sort through the pieces and figure out what she really believe's and what is actually important to her.  


And yes, it was me that contacted you through the website to say thanks :)  I didn't realize that you were a part of this community as well.  I am pretty new to the ex mormon community and am figuring out that all of these support groups are connected!





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