My of interest and intrigue<not really..

My name is Jenny. I have been married 23 years to my soulmate, we have seven children together.

Why did I leave? I was becoming sick at the rhetoric preached to me nonstop. I knew everything (I thought) and could "expound" on any gospel topic.

I asked my husband-Is this really what God wants?? Does God want me to attend all these sex-segregated meetings and get to heaven..only to do the same?? He had no answers for me and sympathized with me. He kept believing that I was just burnt-out..but when I started asking doctrinal questions things changed.

When our eldest son died last year at the age of 20 (from heart failure)...I died as well. It was sick and wrong. My husband (ever faithful) gave our son a Priesthood blessing to ARISE and of course it did not happen. I was heartbroken at my son's death and devastated at the crushing of my husband's spirit. My husband's faith was wiped away and we are "on the same page" longer Mormon. I love it. I hate that this tragedy happened, but it took something like this to open my husband's eyes. (My husband-while on his mission-was singled out by Bruce McConkie and told he would one day be a General Authority)

My brothers and sisters have ostracized us.
Now we spend so much time together, and we love it.

I would encourage anyone to take time to research the doctrines, to evaluate the time spent apart from their "forever family" and to try to find the joy that we have found---out of the church.

Thanks everyone for reading this.

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Wow, I'm sorry about your son. It sounds like you and your DH are in a better place now though. Thanks for sharing!

What is a DH? I keep seeing this in stories on here....something husband, right?

Thank you for sharing this, Jenny. Quite touching.
What a story of love & courage. A love that's bigger than any lie the church can teach. Thanks for sharing.

My heart goes out to you. I lost my son, at the age of 34, to a careless doctor. Although your husband's loss took his "faith", I didn't have any to start with. Did it hurt me to have no god to "lean on"? Was the loss greater because I have no hope of seeing him in some afterlife? No. I am perfectly comfortable with my view of life on this earth and when I lost my son, I understood the process of grieving with no superstition, ritual or nonsense.

Yes, I still miss him but it's with no illusion, day dreams or wishful thinking. Being the logical, rational soul that I am, I can accept that things happen. I don't need anyone to keep telling me that "he's in a better place". That is disrespectful to me as a mother that misses her son and to him that fought hard, as long as he could, to deal with the physical ailments and treatments he dealt with.

I don't know if you've found another religion or if you're even looking, but this life is pretty good, even with the bad things that happen and the best way, I think, to honor your son is to live the best life you can and enjoy every minute possible with your other children and each other.
Thank you ALL.

I appreciate all the words of wisdom..and all the kindness and understanding.

An update: Our family has not found another religion, nor are we looking. We are very happy (except for missing our Sunny Son) as we are--all together, celebrating every moment sans ritual and foolish traditions.

Yes, JennyD, that is as it should be. Congratulations.
Jenny, I am so sorry about your son's passing. Thank you for sharing your courageous story.

That is a sad story Jenny and I feel your loss. When someone asks me what the purpose of life is without god I reply, To build a bridge so the person behind us will have an easier journey. I sure your reaction to your sacrifice will be one of those bridges.

sad story :(so sorry for your loss but glad that you are feeling the freedom of leaving the church. my husband and i also feel soooo much closer today no more quiet judgements no more pressure to be perfect. sadly he ws diagnosed with cancer of the oesaphagus shortly after we left - purely co incidence but luckily caught early.


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