I'll make a point here that I'm not fed up with being a Mormon, in fact I don't think that I was a member long enough to be mad at the church. I just became lazy and inactive and stopped going to the sacrament meetings.

I've been a member for only 12 years now going on 13 and I got baptized when I was 42 years old in 2000. I took a fancy to the faith because my girlfriend was a member when we first met in 1999. She was born into the covenant and she was a good friend of mine at first. In fact we wrote letters to each other for about a year before I went to the missionaries in my home town. She never forced me to join, I really was motivated to learn about the Mormons, she of course being the driving force for my renewed interest in going back to religion.

I was born a Catholic, and I went to mass with my parents every Sunday when I was still in school. There isn't a word for inactive in the Catholic church so I'll just say when high school came around I began hanging around with my buddies more often on the weekends. My parents kept on going to mass though, in fact even now in their 80's they go to mass every Sunday.

Anyway to make a long-story short I finally joined the US Army only about six-months after High School graduation. I never really went back to church since then and after 6 years in the military I got and honorable discharge and returned to civilian life, that was in 1982. I've been working with the US Veterans ever since, my life was still uneventful as far as church service went and I still was a Catholic at 25 years.

At 41 years old I met my wife in December of 1998, we became good friends, after she returned to her hometown, we became penpals. In December of 1999 I went to the Temple and asked the temple guide how I could be baptized and she had me fill out a card. A week later the missonaries gave me a call and set up an appointment and the first lesson started. I got baptized in about two months later.


We're still married today, she's active but I'm just lazy. I'm full of doctrines thought from the scriptures and reading wikipedia about different churches.

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Bro Eddie,

So what brings you to LAM?  I can't believe they haven't called you to fill some position.  They don't usually let people rest.  Nice to have you join us.

Devil Bar


They're used to to me there at the Ward, sometimes I pass a member on the street and we chat like old friends.


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