"My response to the current LDS ad campaign. They are showcasing
everyday member of the church as being diverse, and normal - and I was
excommunicated because I was too diverse, and too normal." - Chad Hardy

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I'm thinking about doing one of these but I have a shitty camera.
Nice Job Chad!
Nicely done. Nicely done.
I would love to do one too, but my camera sucks. Maybe we should do one anyway.
Excellent! Great indictment of the church for its hypocrisy in launching the present ad campaign.

As Chad says, "they are showcasing
everyday members of the church as being diverse, and normal - and I was
excommunicated because I was too diverse, and too normal."
Very well done!
GREAT video Chad!! Well done! *applause*
that was beautiful...
That was so inspiring.
This was so well done..I got goosebumps..!! Thank you Chad!
While I think this is a great video, and it very well done, I also wonder what Chad's thoughts were behind making the RM calendar. Did he really think that the church wasn't going to "discipline" him over it? Maybe he was on his way out anyway and figured it didn't matter? I'm curious about his thought process. Does anyone know?

On the other hand, I think it is horrible that BYU has "revoked" his degree -- and it sounds to me like it's time for LAWYERING UP!! Especially since as I understand it, they are also refusing to transfer his credit to any other college or university, thereby invalidating all of his credits unless he returns to Mormonism. Unbelievable!! Sounds like a violation of his constitutional rights to me, and I think there are probably some good lawyers out there who would love to take on the Mormon Church on their actions.


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