As most other ex-Mormon communities and sites have relied on voluntary donations or personal funds to maintain the costs of running and promoting their sites, LAM is going the direction of having ads provide the funds to cover our basic costs and also further promote the community through our own ad placements, contests, giveaways and other such community events.  It is hoped that this avenue will provide greater opportunity for community improvements and less dependency on community donations in a fluctuating and down economy.  If the ads fail to cover the yearly maintenance costs, we will still likely need to petition donations from the community, and will appreciate any amounts that can be donated.  You may begin to notice ads on various places on the site.  I intend to not have them become too distracting or invasive, nor offensive (mormon content etc).  Please let me know if you have any concerns, suggestions or feedback on the ads and such.  Thanks again for making LAM the wonderful community it has grown to be.

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I think you have to do what you have to do Micah. Surely we are all big enough to tolerate Mormon Ads anyhow.

This is a great thing.  it will offer a more self sustaining and viable future for us as a family of like minded people.  If I see something I am interested in, I can click on it and look more!  If not I can just pass it on. :)


Great decision!  The stability and  independence this offers will be exciting for us!



Yo you know if you're registered as a 501(c)3?
I'm not, and don't intend to at this point.
Very smart move my friend!  I am glad you went this direction.

yeah, good idea.  We don't have the huge pockets like the MORG and TBMs have access to.

I can definitely see this having the potential to surpass any previous budget and marketing campaigns from the ex-Mormon perspective than any previous challengers to TSCC.  Might take a few years, but it could reach or surpass more than $1k per month in promotion channels for the mormon truth movement.

My only advice is that nobody clicks on an ad that doesn't really interest them. 


This site will get some money for each click, and it costs the advertiser for each click. Ad companies have some formulas for trying to tell if it was an illegitimate click, or a real person who is interested that clicks. If they decide that there are too many bad clicks here, they will cut off your account. 


You usually have no way to defend yourself, they just decide that you are no longer allowed to carry ads. 


So if you see an ad that really does interest you, and you will give more than a few seconds looking at the site that they link takes you to, then click. But don't ever click just to "help" with more clicks. It will end up hurting if you do, not helping. 

Thanks for the caution DNA.  That was my understanding as well.
I agree with this, this is a great idea.
have you consdier a non profit qualification so the donations are tax deductible and also you may be entitled to $$ from public  or private sectors?
I would appreciate it very much if you would prohibit all pro-morg advertising.


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