I've been out for a long time now, and I still don't think I've really figured out how to have fun in the real world.  My wife and I don't smoke, so bars don't excite us.  Other than a few trips a year to some fun destination our entire social world seems to be going out to a nice dinner and seeing just about every movie that comes out.

I was just wondering what everyone else does for short-term weekend fun. Any suggestions on how to take advantage of having absolutely no restrictions? 

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Absolutely no restrictions? There are always "restrictions" to ones actions. They may not be immediate but they do show up eventually. One may say, "There are no rules here, there are no laws. Therefore I can do whatever I want, and no one will make me do what I do not feel like doing. I can kill, steal, vandalize, rape and bully. There is no one to over see my actions. In fact, the people that I hang out with have the same unrestricted value system that I have." 

In this type of setting, everyone is potential food, for someone else. There are no rules being enforced and the system merely changes when someone slams down another in rder to bring some semblance of balances and  becomes the "leader" of the unrestricted freedoms, for the moment. There is no stability. There is no safety or peace. Fear, hypervigilence and having no trust is now an inner shield, that is covered over by arrogance and pretense.

I recognize that this was not the answer to your question, "What do I do for fun?" However I also recognize that individuals who needed the church and its authority as a system to babysit their values, probably were getting close to lacking natural boundaries and values already. To find anything wrong with the church was such a joy to these individuals. These particuar people can now "pretend" to have a reason, to be the foul and unjust beings that they admired and sought to be all along. It is the same mentality when a rotten governing body falls.  Individuals have the idea that fun means to do whatever one pleases and there will be no painful consequences. I call these beings sleep walkers, dead heads. Too much work trying to coral them, in order to protect innocent life.

Hopefully those of you who decide to be morally and intellectually dead, will recognize the danger of such stupidity. Afterall, you have had some education in these areas. If you choose to take that which is wise and apply it, all the better for you. You are not ones who had no opportunity to be taught a few basic morals. There will not be the same level of sympathy and compassion for one who has had basic training and rejects it, in comparison to  those who had no training at all. Be wise in your unrestricted "fun." Nature is a hard mistress.

Well on that happy note I would suggest short trips you could do in a day or two. Camping can be fun as well. 

You could go on walks. Explore different cities. Here in Texas that is easy, there are many old ones still here. Learn the history of different areas, then go there. Think. Talk. Read.Listen to music. Re educate yourself from a different point of view. I like to study words and their meanings. Languages of law and ethics are interesting to me. Various philosophies and books on how to be of use to yourself and others in certain situations. These are not for everyone of course. Maintain or re establish family values based on a more practical and sensible platform. One that is best for you, your family and your situation as it is now. Not how it was in the past. You have the opportunity for a new beginning according to the dictates of your own conscience. Find others like you. If that is not an option, you could get a dog or other animal to care for and befriend.

Gather photos, do scrap books. Pick up a new hobby or do something that you find beneficial for you and your health. Be an investigator. Pick up on a hobby you liked when you were younger. Writing a journal for others to read after you are gone. Helping them understand why you chose the path that you eventually took. Gather pictures of yourself through the years. Of family and friends if you have any....put them in the story about yourself and explain how each individual affected you, and in which way...positive or negative. (This is your story, from your perspective)

Find mementos or articles about events that have taken place in your world. You could talk to future generations about the effect these situations had upon you and how they led to the choices you made at different times in your life. Each individual has a voice, even if their words are not heard or understood until much later than the time they attempted to live here in this world. This is now a good time to let yours be heard from your point of view, from the being that makes up who you have become up to this time. I wish you all the best of everything in your lives and in the lives of those whom you love. Take care of yourselves.


Common problem when we drop the morg. Unfortunately those of us who were raised TBM have a tough chore of learning how to navigate live without the guide book once we start thinking for ourselves.

Hiking, bike riding, museums, community classes, volunteer work (americorp), Habitat for Humanity, exercise classes, their is lots to do, just have to get creative. 

We like to play games (board games, cards); hike/ camp; build stuff; garden; have good sex; see [previously restricted] movies/ tv shows; listen to music; dance; volunteer; read; go to museums... I'm sure there's more. We're not afraid to try new things.


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