One of the first and more enjoyable realizations I had when discovering the LDS church not being true was that I no longer had to wear the temple garments.  Wearing two t-shirts at the same time is overkill and makes for uncomfortable attire and frumpy appearance.  I don't know of any other religion that dictates what kind of underwear you can or can't wear.  They may have ceremonial clothing and/or dress codes, but underwear mandates, I don't think so, or I haven't heard of them at least.

I took off my garments the same day that I stopped believing in Mormonism and have never gone back or regretted it.  I laugh about it now but at the time, due to my leaving the church on a spiritual basis, I first bought white boxers to replace my garments since I considered myself to still be on a spiritual journey.  Those gave way to colorful, patterned boxers and eventually to the more comforting, less wedgie inducing boxer brief style underwear.

For anyone still on their way out of Mormonism, and/or anyone looking for some alternative underwear to replace your Gs with, I've added some fun briefs and panties to the Apostate Apparel store that you're welcome to check out.  Not only will you be ditching the garments, but you'll be adding a message or flare to your freedom.  Sample picks below.



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I wore boxer-briefs for like three times, 'then  i coulddnt imagine why anyone would wear anythinng they didnt have to.  i've been commando ever since.

Yup, just go commando.

I find commando just too uncomfortable in jeans.  Maybe you get used to it. 

I wore garments when I was a tbm, it was so uncomfortable and always felt embarrassed cause it bunches up in your clothes. I wore baggy clothes to try and make the garments more comfortable. My self esteem was pretty low. The day I knew I didn't believe in the mormon church anymore, I boxed up every peice of garment I owned and tossed it. It was so freeing! After I found pretty and comfortable underwear, the way I dressed even got better. I felt sexy and I could feel my personality shine, which was dormant for years. I haven't looked back since!

I took off my garments before work the day I realized that there was a very good chance that my nonmember  boyfriend would be sleeping over (for the first time). Oddly, I stayed in the Church through my divorce, and only after my ex died did I leave. (Temple marriage) I'd get dressed for Church and break into uncontrollable sobbing. I'm happy for the first time, ever, I think. My 5 kids all left before I did, and think I should have applied logical thought long before this. I'd had a lot of cool callings with RS YW, Adult Sunday School Teacher, but I'd been lying to myself all along.


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