Just wanted to throw this out there, out of sheer curiosity. I do not remember what people called it, so we'll just say "Mormon Rank."


What "rank" did everyone get to when they left the church/cult/corporation? I got up to Priest, and stopped for some reason. I was never asked if I felt ready to become an Elder until I was about twenty-two or twenty-three, and by then, I was inactive.

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I had been in the Primary Presidency and the Relief Society Presidency through the years.

Elder or High Priest?

My guess is "chime" was neither an Elder or High Priest, because to be in a primary presidency or Relief society presidency, you have to be a woman. Women don't get the priesthood in the Moron cult.

I, on the other hand, was an Elder. I served a mission, and was even in an Elders quorum presidency. So hooray for me, I guess.

Mormons refer to it as level of priesthood authority. There are two priesthoods: Aaronic (lower) and Melchizedek (higher). In the Aaronic priesthood are the offices of Deacon, Teacher, and Priest. The ward bishop is also considered the president of the Aaronic priesthood. In the Melchizedek priesthood are the offices of Elder, High Priest, Patriarch, Seventy, Apostle, and Prophet/President of the church.

oh ya, what was I thinking! Women have no rank in the church...my bad. 



I left as a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood. 

1st Couselor in the RS District Presidency as it was called then - it is now called RS Stake Presidency I am told.

And you know what? I loved that 'calling' because we had such great times back then....it's all about the doctrine that I never knew about before, being the reason I left.    

I was Gospel Doctrine Teacher when I left. One of the few male/female cross over positions.  Amazing how that calling was one of the major things that helped me close the door for good on the whole religion.  Chime-too funny.  Well, ok, not truly funny I suppose as more sickening!  Women don't have any true authority in the church.  I wonder how I survived in that church for so long! 

As far as credibility goes was Gospel Doctrine teacher. Definitely no "powers of discernment" in evidence over that calling! I was a 21 year old, pregnant wife, no college, in a BYU 'marrieds' ward. I started out in the cultural hall and ended up in a wee classroom.

I think I'd really like that job now though. 

LOL, I bet you could tell them a thing or 2 now, and get promptly escorted out the door!

High Priest.  Took me longer than most LAMmies to break-out.

Priest. Never wanted to go any further in the cult, 'cuz by then I was thinking for myself.


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