This is an informational post for those who never had the "privilege"  of wearing or being endowed in the "garment of the holy priesthood", garments, or as sometimes referred to by the uninitiated, "magic underwear".  Mormon garments are only worn by those LDS faithful who have been initiated in one of the many LDS Temples through what is called "the initiatory"(washing and anointing) and "endowment" ceremonies.

The garment itself is pretty simple, basically a loose neck t-shirt up top, and near knee length boxers to complete the bottom.  Various fabrics are available at the choice of the wearer (cotton, poly blends, nylon even, more).  What makes the garments "sacred" is the symbols embroidered into 4 places: above the right knee, over the navel/bellybutton, and one over each breast/nipple.  More on symbols here.

Here is an image of a couple wearing the temple garment:

According to LDS covenants made in the temple, and also the temple interview questions, the garment is to be worn underneath all clothes (bras and panties too ladies) at all times, except for a vague clause that says "except when inappropriate", which implies to shower/bathe, heavy exercise, swimming, and sex (with your marriage partner only ).  Imagine hot, humid summers having to wear clothing that covers the full lengths of those undies?  You can't alter, roll-up or otherwise modify garments to wear more revealing or lighter clothes etc.  No tank tops, sleeveless tops or other deep plunge blouses.  No short-shorts, mini skirts, or even Bermuda shorts if they aren't long enough.  When my wife stopped wearing garments, she remembers going to the store the first time afterwords and realizing that she now had a huge knew selection of clothing styles open to her.  Coaxing her out of those fugly undies was one of the best things for her and our marriage..

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I think it's funny that all you have to do in order to "desanctify" old or worn out garments is cut the symbols out and just toss the garment In this day and age people still believe this nonsense. It frightens me a little.

My mom doesn't even wear these because of how hot it is here and she got tired of wearing boxer briefs.  Her friend in Provo told her she is going to hell now.  

Her friend in Provo is not much of a friend after all, in my opinion.

As I alluded to in my other comment...if you need garments for salvation, then so many people are at a great deal of risk. You better not die even as a worthy child or worthy teenager or worthy new member or simply a not-yet-endowed worthy adult. And God forbid if you die in a car accident on the way to getting your endowment done. Then again, what if you die while swimming or doing another sport of some sort? OR IN THE SHOWER? OOPS, NO GARMENTS...STRAIGHT TO OUTER DARKNESS FOR YOU!

I wish people would think outside the box. If garments are that important for SALVATION, that leaves a lot of loopholes, doesn't it? 

There is a word for that mindset. SUPERSTITION. 

one of the hardest things I had to do when i was ex'ed was to remove my garments

What a weird feeling, huh? I gave mine up after going inactive. Makes you feel like a lost soul at first. But I had the clear thought even lonnnnng before my de-conversion...if children and teens and worthy un-endowed adults are "safe" without garments, what do I have to worry about?

My husband always said that my garments made him feel like he was married to a man. GREAT THING FOR A MARRIAGE. UGH.

After finding out the truth of the LDS church (which was mid February 2016), I still wore my garments. After twelve years of being so blindly obedient to that church, putting them on was just natural for me.

It wasn't until a trip to San Francisco in early May (of that same year) that I stopped wearing them. I was packing for a five day trip, trying to squeeze my clothing into a rolling bag. I decided to just not bring the garments - that way I'll have much needed room for everything. It felt great being out of those dreaded garments. I stopped wearing them after that. It's much more comfortable. Especially during hot and humid summers.

I'm now trying to get comfortable in sleeveless clothing. I just brought a couple of sleeveless dresses for work. Baby steps.

Also, I always wondered why this underwear was deemed to be magical. One of the members of the church that I used to attend said that the garments will protect us.

Protect "us" from what? That's something I never understood (or experienced, obviously).

Garments don't have magical powers. Only God can protect and heal a person.  The Masonic symbols, square and compass on the top, are not God's symbols.

It took me a while to realize satan would'nt have power over me for not keeping temple covenants by not wearing garments (like the actor said in the temple video). But let me tell you! It was so wonderful to be free of wearing them! It has been one of the best things about leaving the church!! Freedom to wear some underwear that isn't white... but especially to be free of mind control tactics!! So so happy!


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