Hey guys, I just came across this video in the link of a news story about 'General Authority' Marlin K. Jenson admitting the church has recently been losing more members than any other time in the past 175 years. He basically admits it's courtesy of free information on the internet.

Well I just thought it was interesting that many Mormons like to say they can prove the church is true by how fast it grows. I had one member tell me that and now that same person is saying that this "new apostacy" was prophesied so this also proves the church is true. lol Amazing

Here is the link;


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Yes, Mormons really are the masters of excuses.

Freedom of information is bad news for any fraudulent conspiracy like Mormonism and religion in general.

You also have to remember that when they were claiming the church was growing at record speed... they were and still count those who have left the church as active members, I'm still counted as are my 3 adult children as members, even tho we have all left the church years ago... unless we try and have our names removed which takes more red tape then it's worth... they will still count us... and since I know the religion is nothing but lies, my name on their member list is also a lie...

And don't forget that if they lose track of an inactive member they keep them on the rolls until they would be 110 years old.

Yes, that was one of the main reasons I had my name removed.

Two of my siblings think Mormonism is ridiculous and haven't been active for over 15 years, but I don't think they know they are still used in this "huge" fourteen million number.

Great find and not surprising at all. I think we'll see more of this in the coming years. I just posted another discussion around Elder Jensen as well.


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