this might not be important to anyone else as my father says but it has been bothering me since I was 12:

There are paintings in mormon temples and chapels with Jesus dressing as a Jew from the year 30 AD. Obviously this is approved by the prophet who supposedly speaks with God, because if a painter paints Jesus with a leather Jacket elder Monson will have something to say about it. Now according to J. Smith Moroni also dresses like a Jew from the year 30 AD and even God, who is not jew, dresses like a Jewish person. Paintings of the 2nd coming depict Jesus with a white Tunic, long hair, and beard, Yet they make you feel like a sinner if you don't wear white shirt and tie and a clean shave (for a man)

According to church manuals in heaven people dress with ultra white tunics and walk in parks smiling. Imagine with all the great designers that heaven should have and God and Jesus choose to dress like Jews of the old time. It is bad for me, but the worst thing is that in church as a male you are forced to shave, cut your hair and wear white shirt and tie. But if you try to emulate the savior and wore a White tunic with long hair and beard they will call the police on you. Figure that one out.


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Yes Bar regarding the color of skin of Jesus my mormon friends do believe that He is/was blond and blue eye.

I would definitely make it completely casual (dress code) or simply if you were not braking the laws of indecent exposure you would be OK. Now the problem I have with the dress code is mainly the uniform look. I can show up in a crappy white shirt and tie and that would OK. If you come to church with a very decent blue shirt and tie then you are being a rebel.

I remember at BYU- Hawaii, they used to have fliers about the 'honor code' in which they would show a clean cut boy grinning like an idiot, clean shaved, short hair, and say something like "Show your respect, follow the honor code".  These fliers were sometimes hung all over the school- hallways, classrooms, even bathrooms, to remind young men to shave and be clean cut.  

I never found out who, but someone designed a poster with a similar lay out and color scheme, depicting Jesus and Hitler.  Jesus, scraggly beard, long hair, and Hitler, hair cut above his collar, a neat mustache, immaculately groomed....Then whoever it was hung these all over the school next to the church sanctioned fliers.

God I wish I'd pulled down one of those fliers and saved it, but of course they were all gone within the hour.  It was a much needed bright spot in my school experience ;)

I always struggled with the church dress standards- not because I really have any desire to wear revealing clothing, more because I freaking hate wearing sleeves.  Especially in Hawaii where I sweat a lot.  Last time I went home I got a lecture from my mom about wearing tank tops- she said I was setting a bad example for my younger cousins.  I replied by saying that I hardly thought the sight of my freckled shoulders was going to stir young men into an irreversible sexual frenzy.  But I put on sleeves out of respect for my mom.  bleck!  Can't wait till my cousins are 18 so I can wear tank tops to family events again 

Anyways yeah it's kinda funny how they have Jesus dressed up.  I guess the old fashioned clothes lend him a bit of authenticity.  Maybe he hasn't found the right image consultant or personal shopper yet.  I'm surprised the church hasn't changed his image because it's reminiscent of 'terrorists'.

As for me and my house, I'm happily hanging out in a tanktop and shorts right now.  Thank goodness I never got garments, that stuff looks uncomfortable!

It is ridiculous that you cannot wear something like tank tops without being harassed, even young children cannot wear comfortable clothe without church members turning their eyes.

Hey you are right about the pictures of the prophets. I was sent  a part of a movie (by a friend who wants me to come back) about Joseph Smith and how he supposedly sent a letter to Emma while in jail in Carthage. I just thought how about the other wives? these poor women are nameless and Joseph didn't send messages to them? He just ignore them?

ironically Boyd K. Packer said in the 2010 October conference that women who don't get to marry if they are loyal to the covenant they will be "assigned" a husband. They will not even be able to choose you see, they will be "ASSIGNED"....Some women want to have children and because of the mormon rules they don't. They mention how they have nephews and nieces and that those are their children. I think that is totally wrong, I mean there are a lot of women that do not want to have children and that is right, but if a women want to be a mother and she does not marry nobody should bully her into believing that having nieces and nephews is the same thing as having sons and daughters.

As a second counselor to the bishop I had to hand a pamphlet to new converts that stated that if a woman had a child out of wedlock and the father of the child did not want to marry she should put the child for adoption to a couple married in the temple. Women in the church are an object and it is horrible the way they are treated.

Thank you Chips

Some women want to have children and because of the mormon rules they don't. They mention how they have nephews and nieces and that those are their children. I think that is totally wrong,

Why?  I mean, I agree that no one should deny themselves happiness because of the sake of a church... but at the same time, perhaps those women realize that raising a child without some kind of help might be impossible for them.


I'm perfectly happy with nieces (and potential adoptive nephews) instead of my own kids. I don't see any reason to increase the numbers on an already overburdened planet just so I can have biobabes of my own.

I know of many women in church that never married and never had sex or had children. I agree that perhaps a great number of them would choose not to have them for personal reasons. I know that if it were not for church a good percentage of them would prefer to have children.
Bar, you asked what we would do about the dress code.  First of all, aside from two things, there shouldn't be any.  Those things would be, very large breasted women wearing no bras, with at least 8 inches of cleavage showing and two inches of erect nipples showing, possible through a see through shirt.  I only bring this up because we attended a baptist church where this happened, and I got tired of wondering if my husband went to church simply to go to church, or, to be entertained by semi-porn attire.  WTF?  Why go do church if your purpose in life is to dress like that?  Go somewhere else.  The second would be very heavy women with camel toes.  Gross.
I know you're kidding.


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