I hope you Americans are sharing Richard Packhams Mitt Romney's Mormon secrets with everyone you can. Another fear Americans should have. Is Mitt going to serve Americans or Gods Prophet and support Mormon ideals such as proposition 8. If he becomes president will he give an apology form the government for the church for abuses suffered to the early saints and restore their properties that were confiscated before leaving for the promised land?


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 Mitt going to serve Americans or Gods Prophet.. I am not nor  have I been a Mormon.. But I did go to a Mormon church to see what my two crazy aunts were talking about.. took me one week to stop going... I know my bible and love the codex and all the books canon or not... It was like going into a joke house... But Mitt was the big push... and what this guy up there talking said was Mitt would bring the power of the church to it's rightful place... I didn't walk out then wanted to see how crazy this one was going to be but some how they started talking about the after life and how the throne for this man would be as a god .. I stood up looked at my Aunt and said I don't know if you know this but there is only one God and one only.. Mitt is no god and I don't want anything more to do with this craziness... Sorry I have to go... When people think there going to be some kind of a god and rule a country... this can't end well... 

Mitt, should he be elected, will be subject to the Momo church president. His actual "cabinet members" will serve in absentia and reside in SLC.  Mitt is the closest clone of a marionette I have seen in ages. Words that come out of his mouth after being asked a direct question usually provide a canned answer and  old cliches. He insults president Obama, denies any wrong doing by saying, "IF I hurt anyone when I was in my youth, we did a few pranks---et. al  I am very sorry."  The Big IF=Mitt.  We ALL know, having been "members" at one time or even now the "Jack Mormons" that have not officially "resigned" or been "excommunicated, that GAY is NOT a word that Momos will allow.  This "Same Sex Attraction" crap is the falsification and denial that they insist on giving a moniker that is more diagnostic for them.  That they have an actual organization, "Evergreen," gives all pine trees a really bad name. Their conferences feature two women who (and I give my word about this)  not only hit on me, but confessed their lesbian feelings to me and were terrified that I would tell a male priesthood holder.  One is married to a Momo ex-college president and also a a higher-up in the pecking order of the male bastion of current Momo "leadership."  I have been "sexually involved with two other  Mormon women, each who had children and were married to a bishop and a high priest.  I was but 17 years old the first time. They said that they "loved me" and I was, at the time, in a terribly abusive family situation with a tyrant as a father. He was physically abusive and even worse, psychologically and emotionally abusive and ruled this outwardly-looking "good Mormon family" with fear, splitting, manipulation and humiliation. My mother was but a servant and every so often, tried to protect us, but it was to no avail.  When he was away on business,  life was a relief and was sometimes happy. A couple of days before we knew that he would return, the emotional terror would slowly creep into our five kids' psyches and we would start bracing for whatever was coming in that front door---one never knew the mood, the greeting, the singling out of one of us for his narcissistic rage tests. I longed for them to get a divorce. Most of my friends thought that would be a horrible event for their parents and families.  I prayed for them to divorce. I feel that i really lost my mother and access to her at a very early age of remembrance still: age 2. I even recall the words I said to her when he came home one evening as I heard the front door open and shut. I said, "Oh no! Dad's home!. My mother was reading to me on my bed and my baby brother was asleep in his crib.  She said,"Oh, Jan! Never say that. That isn't nice."  And that was it. Then, she left my room to welcome him at the door and I hid in her closet where I spent MANY happy hours reading about Polio. No kidding. I had a fascination about it because my maternal grandpa had suffered with it as a child. I was fortunate that I spent long durations of great, precious time with these grandparents when I was a child. They were more like parents to me and I would probably not be here if it were not for their sustenance and ongoing support well into adulthood. 

This Romney Rich "happy, perfect family" image might be easy to maintain, as $120 million dollars can buy help, drivers, cleaning crews, caterers, gardeners, etc. and raising the kids would be all of the fun without the REAL and ordinary detours and tripping blocks in this tech-savvy era.  Mrs. Romney has no clue about how hard it is to raise even ONE child, pack a lunch for the kid, get the kid on the bus, get herself ready to go to a low-paying job and get herself there in one piece on time. Public transportation---I do not imagine that any Romney knows what the meaning of these two words. It is OPTIONAL for the,: it is a way of life for most women raising children on their own or with a second income partner. 

Hiding and denying Mormon history is essential for Mitt's election.  The church has asked all its members and leaders to sanitize its history instead of embracing a willingness to discuss any of it.  It is the past and so it cannot be "that bad."  Ignore it. If you do not, you shall pay dearly.  I did pay dearly and almost lost my own life when I literally escaped from the bondage of my family and the church---a story I have written a novel about but am still too afraid of what will happen to me if it is published. I sold the book when I was in college after writing it and a limited partnership formed to make a film out of the novel. They paid me $1000 a month to finish the book.

Then, I got scared. Scared about some phone calls that came from church members in SLC. Leadership men. Warnings.  The book remains in a NY law firm with an attorney named Lawrence Krieger, and I think he might be deceased by now. But I have a copy stashed and did a re-write. It is the story---all true---of my escape. Now, I am over 50 but my grandparents have died and both parents are alive, active, devout Mormons. I have remained in touch with my siblings and we have our peace and friendship with each other to the degree that we can get together in small groups every year or two without the parents. Another brother, who had two psychotic breaks from the abuse at our father's hand and language of humiliation, has suffered as well. The "fatted calf" of the family, child#3 (son) died weeks after his return from a mission. He is and was the Great White Hope of the family. He is still reigning. 

So, behind thins shiny veneer of appearance in the Romney clan there is a private life of privilege and excess. If anyone colors outside the lines, we will not know about it because they will go to every possible length to maintain the facade. Haircuts for the males above the collar line and ears showing fully, dyed hair for any Romney women and lots of make up with NO sleeveless blouses or dresses because of the Momo "garments," NO cleavage shown ever,  preppy male dress code, feminine attire right out of the Women's Manual that LDS women use like a fourth book of the "triple combination"---"Fascinating manhood."  Lots of "my goodness" and "gosh" and "golly" speak. Darn is almost a swear word due to it's close proximity to damn. Avoidance of drinking anything that could appear to be coffee or tea---even if it is hot chocolate---"Avoid the appearance of evil."  Herbal tea---absolutely not. Decaf---nope. Too dangerous. Way too dangerous. 

I will donate to Obama whenever I have a spare $10. I will be a caller at his volunteer campaign headquarters in my state. 

The thought of having church and state marrying each other and the USA becoming a theocracy like Utah is more than I could ever bear. We ex-Momos KNOW what this would mean and some (many) would call us over-reators.

I think not., for this is OUR experience, and getting out of the LDS church nearly killed some of us. It is slowly killing the souls and spirits of those who are afraid to leave due to the hideous loss one suffers when one escapes and is black balled and shunned. There is always an agenda to "get you" back. back into "the church."  One cannot really ever trust a family's motive when a card is sent to an ex- member. There is usually a motive and if you talk about it, you are told that you are a little "paranoid."

To these critics, I say, "Really? Have you ever been a 'black sheep' ridiculed and fired from your family because you do not believe in Kolob or baptism for the dead?"  Hm.  "I thought not."


I do not think everyone had as rough a time as your family and am sad you had to indure it. I believe it is safe to publish your book, and the Mitt , Obama race may give it some free exposure. Good luck.


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