I have a question for any exmormons or anyone who has a better knowledge of missions.  My daughter is dating a Mormon and I am not one of those stupid parents who think that my child is not doing anything related to sex.  My question is can this kid go on a mission if something does happen that is related to sex?  Do they lie to there bishop or whomever in order to go? 

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They aren't supposed to be able to go, and can get sent home if something comes to light. Do they ever lie to the bishop so they can go? Oh yeah. There is a lot of pressure to conform in the LDS community, and since everyone expects you to go, if you don't it pretty much amounts to an unspoken public confession (and that's if the rumor mill doesn't get started, which in a small community it usually does.) I won't say all kids would lie, but some do.

So long as they go to through the repentance process they can still go.  If your daughter were to get pregnant though, then he'd definitely not be allowed to go.  Lies can get them through though if they are okay and good at that.

Every thing depends on how liberal the priesthood leader is that is interviewing him. Most go by the book and you will not have a snow ball in hell of a chance,but some will let somethings pass and give them a small repentance time out, especially if they are related.

So they basically teach there teenagers that lying is ok?  I have heard they have to confess in detail to there bishop what they have done.  Isn't that a little perverted on the bishops part and wouldn't that sort of be considered porn?  I just think it is way to much pressure to put on these kids and for what?  The church?

I have heard bishop say that even if they think the person is lying that they still give them a recommend because it is up to the person to tell the truth. So in essence the bishop lies to himself and thinks that the supposed blessings of say temple ordinances won't be in effect anyway in the next life. The absurdity is in the church's claim that bishops have a mantle of discernment as a judge in Israel. Now as to the porn thing on the man called bishops part, it is in my opinion that the office and calling of bishop is no better than being put in as a pervert in training in regards to the intrusive sexual questions. Pressure for conformity is placed on all members. This practice and procedure insures added fear and guilt to the kids psyche making them a dumbed down lab rat and obedient financier for the church corporation as a TBM on the long term scale. Conditioning shaping molding and training up the next generation of brainwashed believers is what it is all about.

I am just at a loss.  My daughter thinks she loves him and he feels the same.  It is a matter of time before something happens if it hasn't already.  I don't want to see her get hurt.  And I don't want him to lie.

They don't overtly encourage lying, no. But the consequences of telling the truth are often much more harsh than the consequences of lying, so the result is the same. It really depends on the kid ... Mormonism does still produce kids that own their actions and the consequences. My kids are still young, but my perspective is you address your concerns with them and then love/support them both through whatever happens. And it's not the end of the world if he doesn't go, but be prepared to lend the boy some support as some Mormon parents don't see it that way.

There's a good chance that if your daughter's boyfriend spoke with his bishop about whatever sexual activity he was engaged in, that the bishop would directly ask him if she seduced him. The Mormon church will do anything to try to excuse a male's involvement, and to put the blame on girls/women when it comes to sexual activity.

It has been a few years since this posting. How did things turn out?


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