Someone suggested having a thread for displaying our glory, I mean cult days. You got pics. We wanna see them!

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I was a very naughty Elder! Arrested for not wearing my name tag!!

Fricken' Awesome! You look like an agent or something.
Ya, an agent of the lawrd! I dont know what the heck I'm carrying in my right hand...maybe a BoM? LOL!
She turned 20 and I helped her celebrate! Oh ya baby...dressed to the nines and dinner at the most expensive restaraunt with the parents!

Sweet! I loved hanging with the locals, especially young female locals.
I think you mean our gloryhole days!!! :D
I'm guessing every missionary has that same damn picture pointing to where their mission is on the map!
You boyz are adorable....just so cute, and sweet. I hope others will post their pics...very entertaining on a gray afternoon!
Very cute boys! If I went on a mission, I would post mine, but alas I never went.
I took nothing but color slides on my Mission. But I went through my Mission Storage box and found two photos others took with me in them. I also spent about 90 minutes looking at the slides. Wow!

If I'm doing this right, the first one is at the Mission Home, in Lomas de Chapultepec, late 1966. There were just four Missions in all of Mexico then. I'm at the left, the Mexican looking guy. Elder Bowler would be a GA today if he were still alive. I don't remember the other Elder.

This next one is of a little shindig the Missionaries cooked up in Guadalajara, to celebrate at the Branch, in June of 1966. We were chastised way after the fact because we appeared in public without our sacred undies. Well, the Elders did, the LMs, I assume, were fully garmented. The darker of the two LMs was from Hawaii and taught us some dances, etc. for the amusement of the membership. The blonde is the one who asked me to marry her during October conference, 1967. I would have, since she said she'd had a revelation on the issue, but it had to be before the end of the month. I suggested we wait until the end of the school year and she calmly told me I must not be the one... She came out of the closet in 1974 and in 1976 she and her partner took me cruising gay & lesbian bars in West Hollywood. Good times!

Cool pics EOD! You should invest in slide scanner so that you can digitize all of your old pics.
At the risk of being called "adorable" by Jenny, I'll throw some in. I also took color slides and I had about 2 dozen scanned a few years ago and have not been very happy with the results. (I've tried photoshopping some of them and I either need to work harder on it or it is a lost cause. Not sure which.)

The saddest part, to me, is that I'm more embarrassed about the things I said and did than I am about the photos. I look back and can't believe I actually thought like that and that I actually said some of the really stupid things I said. Fortunately, my mission journals have been lost somewhere in the 10 moves we made and I'm not sorry really.

The first is me with a broken road sign we found (we didn't break it, really). We lived in Kezar Falls, Maine, so we thought it was fun to have a Kezar sign.

The last one is really embarrassing. It wasn't enough that my comp and I dressed alike all week long, so we had to dress alike on our prep-day, too. (What a couple of tools, geez!)


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