Masturbation observed not just in infants, but in in-utero, pre-birth infants.

"In-Utero Masturbation", does that mean Satan is already tempting pre-birth infants to "abuse themselves", or is this just another chink in the weak chain of religion that dispels the myth that masturbation is a sin?  (I'm definitely leaning towards the latter).

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Neat talk. These little bastards need more time in their bishop interviews.


And speaking of being a "semen connoisseur," I could tell you a lot about different tastes, loads, and so on, but this ain't that kinda forum.

My wife admits remembering orgasms as young as 4 or 5 and started masturbating at 9 years old for a while, completely unaware of the sexuality behind it. We are definitely hard wired for it and shouldn't ever allow anyone to make us feel guilty or ashamed for something so natural, healthy and wholesome.
Funny story: When my wife and I went in for the ultrasound of my now 2-year-old, the Ultrasound Tech pointed out his package to let us know he was a boy...and he immediately started tugging on it enthusiastically. Horrified the TBM wife.
Hahaha! That's awesome!
I have always enjoyed solo sex and my TBM DW doesn't understand and won't do it. She still feels it is wrong, but at least she's "given me her permission" to do it. I still don't whack off in front of her, even though I could.
She used to think I did it to replace her and she felt like she wasn't meeting my needs.
It wasn't that at all. And I don't have a need for porn to get me off (I think it is degrading), I just do it cause it feels so damn good.
(Wow, I've never felt free enough to say that to any one before.... I love being free from the church's guilty grasps (pun intended)).

It's nice to know science is proving the church's ideas wrong again, and again, and AGAIN !!

Does God really care if you whack off. I doubt it. I don't think God, if there is one, really cares what you do as long as you're not hurting another. So screw the church and all their controlling rules. It cracks me up that Joseph Smith while at Carthage his last day sent a gaurd out for tobacco and wine. Now there's a great example of a Mormon prophet! Oh yeah, they forgot to teach us that in church.


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