I'm not sure if most of you have heard of Lyndon Lamborn or not. He was one of the speakers at last years Exmo Conference. He had quite an eventful exit from the LDS church and now shares his story at various public speaking engagements which you can view on YouTube. He just released his first book. Here is the link...if you like to read and would like to support a post Mormon give it a read.


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His excommunication story is in the Videos section, 2nd page. I have seen some of his presentations on youtube and was at the exmo conference to hear him there. Great speaker and person.
Listening to Lyndon was what finally made my husband begin his own research. Things were starting to get tense between us as I was pulling further and further from the church. I was home alone one night browsing YouTube and watched some of his lectures...I cried through them all. Until then, I didn't know about any of the "skeletons in the closet." The next day I told my husband to watch the video. We didn't mention it again...a month later my husband said, "I watched those videos. You're right." And the rest is history:)
His youtube videos had a similar affect on my wife. He helped her realize that exmormons aren't these wicked, bitter people but are just seeking the truth and since the truth doesn't side with mormonism, that was the beginning of the end for her.


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