First off, hello everyone, I'm new here. I've already sent in my letter of resignation, and am waiting for their response.


Anyways, I have a love for the Occult Sciences. I enjoy reading up on them, and researching their works in my spare time. Recently, I've moved out of my parents' home, and got myself an apartment. About a week after I moved out, my folks stopped by to see how I was doing. Naturally, I let them in, even though I was a bit wary of them. They had found out that I was Bisexual, meaning I had it both ways, and like it both ways. No, I'm not confused, so don't start.


They had brought with them a copy of their scriptures, and wanted to read from it. I politely declined, claiming a headache, which was true. The sight of them always sparked a headache. After talking for a while, my mother asked if she could check her email on my computer. I allowed her to, and about fifteen minutes later, I was called to my computer. She had found my research, and started deleting it all. I saved most of it by unplugging the mouse and keyboard, when telling her to get off my computer had failed. She began to rant and rave at that point, claiming that I was going to hell if I didn't get rid of it. She was mortified when I started laughing at her.


I told her that I didn't believe in that sort of thing, that there was no heaven, nor hell, and not a shred of evidence could prove me wrong. I then told her that the Occult Sciences were of great interest to me,and I desired to learn as much as I could about them. Obviously, she was horrified. Her first born son, that's me, had fallen in love with the "devil." It was hilarious to see her reaction, and I couldn't stop laughing, even when my sides hurt, and I cried from it. How could I have fallen in love with an imaginary being known as the "Devil"?



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Hail Santa!

Satan is good, Satan is our pal! I find it fascinating that Satanists don't believe in the devil but the Christians do. I am not saying you're necessarily a Satanist. Hopefully one day your mother can recognize Elohim and the devil are both pretty much the same.

I was, once upon a time, a satanist actually. However, after spending a few months with others, I found that their sort of teachings were more like Xianity teachings, but with Satan being the good guy, and "God" being the bad. They were devil worshipers, and even stated that "angels" were out to kill them. It was fun being around them, until I asked too many questions, and was forced to leave.

Dang, sorry to hear about your parents being so invasive of your privacy.  No wonder you moved out.  Your laughing probably only confirmed her belief of you being possessed even more .  Their irrationality is pretty prevalent and common among TBM's though.  I don't leave my laptop with my kids at my parent's house when they babysit for similar reasons.  

What occult sciences are you into?  Wiccan, witch-craft, Masonry or other?

My stuff is doubly password protected now, and in some cases, tripled. Good luck trying to get through that one.


Masonry about a year ago, until I discovered that most these days require you to believe in a power greater than yourself, and I can't abide that. I believe in Evolution, not Creationisms. Right now, I have several books on Magic, Magick, and High Magic. Thats stage magic in regards to the occult, Magick that Allister Crowley calls it, and High Magick which revolves around Xianity, Satanisms, and Witchcraft.

Occult science is the systematic research into or formulation of occult concepts in a manner that follows - in its method or presentation - the way natural science researches or describes phenomena of the physical world.


(Occult Sciences) The whole range of the sciences of the secrets of nature — physical, psychic, mental, and spiritual; also

I have to chime in on this one, as  well.  You folks might be able to guess my spiritual beliefs from my moniker here, Paganman.  When I was a teenager extricating myself from Mormonism, I flirted with Satanism for a few months.  I still have my tattered copy of LaVey's "Satanic Bible".  It was more or less a rebellious personal gesture, I suppose.  When I was eighteen and moved back to California, I worked in a gas station near the renaissance Faire.  RenFaire folks have a very high percentage of Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, Heathens and occultists.  I had found my home!!  I'm an animist, to some extent a Deist, but I don't really believe in any gods (except for Mother Earth, who requires no faith to believe in.  You're standing on Her right now).  Faith, to me, is a dirty word.  It's an anti-intellectual concept.

     But I am a spiritual person, and I love Pagan and Wiccan ritual, and I love the IDEA of the old gods.  It's poetic to imagine Zeus throwing a lightning bolt, and the wooden wheels of Thor's goat-driven chariot rolling across the heavens to create the sound of thunder, but science tells us it's clouds scraping together to make static electricity.  So I guess I'm an ex-mormon, ex-satanist atheist Wiccan occultist that believes in magick and science and Mama Earth......(kinda schizo, but hey, I'm a Gemini......)

Magic peepstones and the like are of the occult and make perfect sense in Mormon thought and practice.

After all, who is The God of This World?


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