It is with a heart full of gratitude and solace that I announce that LifeAfterMormonism as you currently know it, will come to an end towards the end of July 2017.  The yearly host fees tripled this year so won't continue on this platform.  Anything you wish to save should be acquired before mid July to be safe.  Watch for announcements on where LifeAfterMormonism goes next.  You can still find our presence on Facebook.

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I miss the glory days, but truth be told it's probably time. It hasn't been the same for a couple of years now. Thanks for having been responsible for it this long. :)

Makes sense.  There are so many free options out there now.

Love ya Mike! Add me on Facebook if you get a chance. Us ex-oeste's need to have a reunion at some point. Lol! ❤️

When I first was looking on how to remove my name from the records I found this place. I made many friends here. It led me to groups of wonderful people. Thank you, Micah, for having run this for so long. It helped us move on to the next chapter in our lives. 

Thank you Mike.

We are all moving on in our lives, as we have freed ourselves from the grip of Mormonism... we move on from this great group. I am glad I was here for the time I needed it!  And thank you, Mike, for your Leadership and Friendship! 

Very sad to think about this being gone. Thanks to Mike for his dedication and thanks to everyone who came here for enriching my life. I loved the mix of intellect and silliness that made this such an incredible place for growth. I regret not meeting some of you in real life and wish now that I'd stepped out from behind the curtain and attended some of the events. I had some incredibly special moments that will stay with me always. Thanks for the memories, the debates and the fun.

Hopefully many other recognizable names will take the time to drop in and say their goodbyes. I often wonder what became of everyone. Eurogirl,if you are out there somewhere I hope you are a superstar by now.

Thank YOU Micah for all your hard work in putting this forum together and doing all the admin work. I wish there was something like this when I left the church in the early 90's - it was a lonely road as I knew NO ONE that had left the church for the reasons I did...not because I had committed some grievous sin...(that was pretty much the reason people left back then) but because I did my own research (pre-internet mind you) and realized what a bunch of crazy #$%! the whole thing was! All the best to you in your new ventures and thank you again for the support you gave everyone, truly selfless service!

Micah, this was my first stop while I was looking for a resource and support community as I navigated the waters of doubt. I echo the thanks already given to you by others for all you have done, but most especially for gaining a new friend in you!

Best wishes in all your endeavors!

This is where it all began for me. I look forward to what comes next. :) 


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