My son is still missing in Libya. He was working for a British Oil company. Amongst our friends here, are there any other loved ones missing or unaccounted for?

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I'm so sorry for your worry at this time, Phil.  What does the oil company say to you about their employees there?  I'll keep positive thoughts, energy, and prayers coming in your direction.  If you don't mind, what is his name?

Many thanks. The international oil company does not care about the welfare of its employees, but I had some good news today. My son is stranded in a remote part of the desert, and is, wisely keeping his head down, to sit it out.


My heart goes out to all those brave Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemanis and Bahranians. We can share with them the hope for a better future. But it will never happen, as long as our governments allow Israel to dictate the political agenda.


Appreciate your kind comments. Best wishes, Phil




Such good news Phil.  I'm really very happy for you, and for your son.  Sounds like he'll be home soon.  And yeah, the U.S. gives Israel 3 billion dollars in aid every year, even when they piss all over our efforts to help calm the storm.  And a cool 60,000,000 of that is used for social aid for their own.  What's happening with our social justice?  When, in history, have we come out ahead by taking money from the programs for the poorest?  Kind of like the stupid question of when in history has a pre-emptive war ever worked?  Kind of like George W. said, "Let history be the guide." Ooooooookay.

Really appreciate your remarks. Could not have put it better myself. Good news, my son is safe, but not home yet.Bad news, British Prime Minister, Cameron in Middle East this week, selling more arms and weapons to dictators, and Glenn Beck rants and raves against us for trusting the Al-Jazeera news network more than BBC,FOX,CNN etc, for a more balanced coverage of what really is going on.

You are so right about social justice.


Please, America, do think about the rest of the world, as you choose your next President, or God help us all!

or give Obama a bit more time.


Cheers, Phil


It definitely takes more than 4 years to learn how to communicate with a bunch of bought off die hards in Congress.  The REAL people running our country are lobbyists, and insurance companies.  And George Bush made sure he re-paid the pharmaceuticals for their support, now didn't he?  Capitalism here, anyone?  Let the foreign pharms come in and compete with ours, so that millions of Americans can buy their medicine.  Oh, but we don't believe in that kind of capitalism, now, do we?


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