My best friend from high school has been in touch with me recently and asked me what I now think about chastity, fidelity, and sin etc. So I decided to just lay out a brief summary of what my beliefs are and my view on life etc. I share here for your entertainment, since that's why he said he wanted to know. I don't care if people laugh at my beliefs. My beliefs don't require others to believe as I do.

Letter starts here:
Not sure you'll find my views entertaining but so long as you follow the 11th article of faith and respect me and my beliefs I have no problem sharing them with you. I'll be straight forward and blunt, even though I know from your perspective you'll think I'm misguided or lost (hey, I used to be mormon so I understand the mindset).

So here goes for a round of entertainment, are you ready? Can you feel the excitement building? The thrilling way Micah sees the world? Lol, okay, maybe I'm being too cheesy so with out further interruption, my views to your queues:

I don't believe in sin, but I do believe you reap what you sow, get what you give, etc. So with that said, I believe that so long as what you do does not hurt nor take away the free agency of others, do what you want. Life is about experiencing and being able to learn from those experiences. When you really think about it, if two responsible adults are having sex with each other, they are harming no one (so long as they use protection etc) regardless of whether they are gay or straight, married or unwed, etc. If someone takes offense, that is their choice, but it doesn't mean what they took offense of is wrong. Much of what is offensive in one country is normal and acceptible in another country; in other wards, social standards don't necesarily make something right or wrong etc.

I believe in cause and effect; action, reaction etc. You break the law, eventually that will catch up with you and you'll spend time behind bars. If you lie and cheet, expect to be lied and cheeted to. Karma. I do believe in reincarnation which leaves countless lives for karma to catch up to you if you dish out a lot of nastyness to others etc. However, I think forgiveness is a key to ending your wheel of karma.

I believe that when you pass on, the only person you are accountable to or judged by is yourself as you review your life and feel/experience exactly how others felt from your actions and choices, good and bad. However, I believe you'll be supported by unconditional love. Then, you'll likely have a time of repose before going down to another life to continue to learn or clear bad karma etc.

This lays out a universal school of teaching that eventually allows every individual to learn all of their lessons and clear all of their bad karma to move on to higher dimensions of consciousness and existence. If there is a god/goddess or plan of salvation etc, I think what I briefly outlined above is closer to universal perfection than an exclusive, one mould fits all, plan that I was indoctrinated with from childhood (no offense). Keep in mind that my beliefs and ideas are just that, my opinions and beliefs, dynamic and not static. This is the puzzle I have built from thousands of sources, religions, philosophies and idealogies with their respective tidbits that seemed closer to universal truth and universal application.

Anywho, thanks for asking. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as I am open to discussion, but not ridicule.
end of letter

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Well said. Thank you Micah. I think most people would have similar beliefs regarding right and wrong (and sin), if left to do their own thinking.
Good letter. I think your friend was kind of a dummy for wanting to be "entertained" by your beliefs.
Well put. Was he entertained? And, more did he react?
He actually reacted well and appreciated the drawn out response, and was respectful. Yah, I kind of thought it rude to want to be "entertained" by someone else's differing beliefs too.
:) funny that the idea of balance (everything in the universe requires it) and karma can seem more entertaining than the idea of Joe Smith judging us up there with the God head...
LOL, I know.

That reminds me of a brief conversation I had with some LDS friends who were laughing the silliness of Native American rituals. Dancing around a fire while waving branches of burning sage brush to ward off sickness, for example.

And I knew full well that the day before they'd been in the temple wearing a white robe, a green apron, and standing in a circle holding hands praying over some paper under a cloth.

One mans religions is another mans belly-laugh, I suppose...

It just surprises me that more people can't step outside of their box and realize that everyone else is laughing at them just as easily as they laugh at everyone else.


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