I found this dandy little widget to better share and visualize where we are all coming from around the globe.  A permanent dot will appear on the map for each location that visits.  I just posted it tonight (10/21/2010) so it's not very dotted but we'll get it there, give us a month or two.  This is the full map version, but you'll see the rotating globe to the right on every page.  Flashing dots represent recent hits. You can also click & drag, and zoom on the Globe version to the right.  Let's get dotted!

You can click here to view a larger map and hover over the dots to see where they are located:  Large Visitor Map


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Micah -- I'm not sure what constitutes a "visit". As soon as I know I understand it, I'd like to shoot this out to all the lists and discussion groups I communicate with.

Hi Sue,

All it takes is browsing to any page of Life After Mormonism that displays the globe and you're done. The globe will automatically detect where that page was pulled from and display an update or new dot for the corresponding location. Registering is not even required as they can just pull up the main page (http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net) and see the globe there, zoom in, or click the expand button to see the large version for better location detail. I hope that answers your question.
This globe/map widget is sooo totally cool, Micah! I've never seen anything like it! (and NO, smarty pants...I do *not* live under a rock!) Bwahahahaha! :) And awwww, Deepesa, don't feel bad...it just means you're super cool and in a league all your own!! :)

Lisa Beth/Pixie
I had never seen such a thing either, so when I saw it last night on another site, I had to look into it! Totally cool!
aawwwww....all of a sardine like I don't feel like the only fish in the sea way down south.... you are all so kind. Tx.
Now I have to ask - are my eyes deceiving (not very fond of that word!!) me - as I see a lonely little speck in Australia down under too???

Yup, there are around a dozen or so Ozzies(spelling?) here on LAM.
Why are there so many dots on Utah?
That's very cool! Thanks Mikeutah!!
You know what else is sad......often in the mornings (Africa time) I check out the site and I am THE ONLY ONE WHOSE DOT IS FLASHING....which means you are all out there doing something else or sleeping...... it leaves one feeling somewhat "deserted"...

You're not the only one this happen to I am sure. I sometimes only see my dot flashing at different hours of the day. HUGS!
Thanks! - I feel better already! ;-)
I like the hell out of it!! It is fun and very inventive! :) It also can emphasise the worldwide nature of this group.



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