I found this dandy little widget to better share and visualize where we are all coming from around the globe.  A permanent dot will appear on the map for each location that visits.  I just posted it tonight (10/21/2010) so it's not very dotted but we'll get it there, give us a month or two.  This is the full map version, but you'll see the rotating globe to the right on every page.  Flashing dots represent recent hits. You can also click & drag, and zoom on the Globe version to the right.  Let's get dotted!

You can click here to view a larger map and hover over the dots to see where they are located:  Large Visitor Map


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this is just sooooo coo!!! I see I am a lonely little soul in Africa!

Happy to know I am not in Outer Dotness like you...hehe..

That's cool!!
DEEPESA, at least you have your lonely spot. Imagine being in a crowded spot. Now everyone knows that one dot down there in South Africa is YOU. You are now famous!
He's got a point Deepesa! Although, I think there are others from your part of the world on here. Try a member search to find out.
Isn't it quite ironic that about an hour ago I came from a funeral - from no where else but ---you guessed it!!
It was actually quite weird being back the building after so long a time - nothing has changed - except I STILL did not get to taste any funeral potatoes! LOL - in actual fact, the spread was very impressive!

Got some very welcoming hugs, some obvious cold shoulders, but I am glad I went - he really was a great gentleman and I owed him that respect.
Still no regrets.......
Regarding the infamous "funeral potatoes" I had never tasted them either (I was a member for 25 yrs.)...until my mom unwittingly made them to go along with the rest of a xmas breakfast a couple years ago. I have no idea of where my mom got the recipe or if it's technically correct cuz she was never LDS. The only way we discovered the hidden truth about the dish is cuz I had invited my friend, who was/is LDS, to join us for breakfast; evidently she had eaten them before and confirmed the diagnosis! :)
Opps, I think I was suppose to put this response under Deepesa's post...sorry everyone!!
Just by visting LAM, a dot is added or updated (flashing). You can click the "Large Visitor Map" to see how many hits each dot represents, as some dots account for more than one person due to the map size etc.
This link should give you the largest version where you can zoom in the closest: http://www.revolvermaps.com/?target=enlarge&i=3hut64dcv38&c...
Mine says Spokane, WA but I'm in Yakima!!

Maybe you too are famous like me!! LOL LOL!


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