I'm Greta Privitera, an italian journalist of Vanity Fair. I'm going to write an article about the role of the women in the mormonism. It would be interesting for me interviewing a lesbian who when was mormon didn't accept her sexual orientation because of the religion. Is there anybody who can help me find a woman who would like to talk about it?

Thank you so much for your time and help,


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My name is Dr. Jan Broberg Carter and I live in Portland, Maine. In December, I turned 60.  My partner of many years raised two sons, now 35 and 44. Born into the church with two staunchly-Mormon parents, life was a nightmare. I was ex-communicated when I went back east to attend dartmouth College, previously living and growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and Las vegas, nevada during high school.  I was NOT raised in Utah. If not for two maternal loving Grandparents, i would never have survived.

Contact; 207 871 0244    home                   I would be happy to assist you with your article if I can be of help.

                207 749 1643    cell




Dr. Jan Broberg Carter

696 Ocean Ave.

Portland, Maine 04103


While I am not a Lesbian (Don :), i am an exMormon.  It has been my perception that Mormon women are there to serve.  They are there to do as inspired (smilingly pushed) and to bake bread.  

The LDS Church is not in the least friendly to women other than performing the functions that benefit the LDS Church itself, in a corporate fashion.  They are there to have babies for the spirits of the Pre-existance.  ...not a whole lot more.  If you are not a pawn on salt Lakes Chess board (they play both sides so they always win) then you are marginalized into non existence.  I really dislike them on many levels and am not afraid to share it in the least.  Lesbians in the LDS Church, they would burn them at the stake were it legal.

Don / Las Vegas

thank you!

I'm a lesbian ex-mormon born and raised who didn't leave till I was 35yrs old. I'm happy to talk privately.

Hi Katya,

where do you live?

my email is: gprivitera@condenast.it


My wife, now an ex-Mormon, is bi-sexual and very much involved with her girl friend, who lives with us.  She is presently writing a serious book about her life and her exit from the Church (eventually to be published).  I am a writer by trade, 45 years in the business, and can attest to her story's forcefulness.  Goody-two-shoes to ethical slut in thirty years...and happy for it.  I'm sure she could be convinced to discuss these matters in private, for the present (until the book is published).

Hi Brian,

where do you live?


I'm a UK based lesbian ex-mormon, was very mormon for first 26 years of my life, got married, had a baby, went through the temple and then came out. My resignation though was nothing to do with my being gay but with doctrinal issues, although it did play a part.


Thank you all for the answers. I'm in Belgium till the 2nd. As soon as i get back to italy i will write to all of you. all your stories are really interesting and perfect for my article.

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Hi Katya!

Where do you live?

My email is: gprivitera@condenast.it

Hi Greta,

My name is Charity and I'm a lesbian ex-Mormon. Not only did I not accept my sexual orientation when I was Mormon, but I didn't accept it until last year - 6 years after I left the church. As a child I was constantly corrected by adults who felt nervous of my tomboyish behavior. I was trained through church-sponsored classes to act in a feminine manner to be more marriage-worthy. I was shamed about my natural self and heard the doctrine of homosexuality-being-second-only-to-murder so many times it became ingrained quite deeply and was the cause of my life-long self-loathing. I knew, because I had been repeatedly taught, that it was my duty to become a wife someday and that thought was so repellant I actually hoped I would die while on my Mormon mission, knowing that once I was home from that mission I would be out of excuses. Once I no longer believed that homosexuality was a sin (a HUGE reason I left the church), I still couldn't consider it as a possibility for myself. I knew I wasn't attracted to men and that I was attracted to women, but there was a wall keeping me from accepting or acting on this knowledge. Until last year, I had never enjoyed sex and had never been in love. Now that has all changed. If you're still looking for an ex-Mormon lesbian to talk to, feel free to contact me.

Hi! thank you for your answer. What is your email? Where do you live?



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