Is it just me? A resident I'd worked with at the nursing home recently passed away, and I saw her obit today. It seems to me like all the LDS women's obits are exactly the same: She married so and so in the temple after his mission, had x amount of kids & grandkids & greatgrand kids and followed her husband wherever he went for work...she was the eiptome of the value of self-sacrifice and we'll miss her blah blah blah. 


I read the one today and I thought, there's nothing about HER in there, nothing about what she was like as a person, her own personal likes & dislikes, or accomplishments aside from having kids and waiting on everyone else. Obits are depressing anyway but these really make me sad for some reason.

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Probably more so for women as most do or did not attempt a career, those married in the 40’s t0 60’s had no other expectations in life but to be a house wife. Of course an obit for a man that went to work in a factory to support his family than came home to drink bear and watch sports isn’t much of an obit either. It up to the individual to have enough spunk to get off their but and take chances.


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