LDS President Thomas S Monson: All 18 year old high school graduates may serve missions

If you didn't hear the opening welcome message from LDS Inc. President Thomas S. Monson, you missed the big "reveal" that was rumored for this conference weekend.  He explained that 18 year old high school graduates were already being sent in other countries where military service is often required at age 20, and that this practice is now being extended to all countries everywhere.  All high school graduates who are 18 years old and worthy to go, are called to serve.  Correction: All male high school graduates 18 years old may serve.  Women are now required to wait until 19 years of age instead of 21.  Males used to have to wait till 19 in the US and other countries.

So what is your take on this new "mandate"?  I see it as a desperate move to recruit young men before they can open their minds from a little life experience on their own in college or outside of family living.  These moves general follow careful study of when young men are most likely to fall away, or become disinterested, or loss of worthiness.  I'm sure most LDS members will see this as a great thing, and provide many reasons for such.  What do you as an ex-mormon think?

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Why not Europe too!

As a 19 year old female whose parents already gave her the ultimatum to go to college and earnestly search for a husband or go on a mission by the time I was able to, this is a terrible game changer for me. Day 1 and both my parents have already tried to convince me to go. Boys have it so much worse than I do though and I am so proud of the ones who actually decide for themselves if they want to go or not. I have friends who have been kicked out of their houses and have lost all family support for not going. My heart goes wholeheartedly towards all boys out there my age being needlessly pressured.

Wow Megan, I'm sorry to hear that.  Stay strong.  You're not any lesser of a person for not going on a mission.  In fact, you are a stronger person for being true to yourself and your real wants and needs.

Megan, For the love of Pete, your parents are way beyond their scope of influence.  My kids are in their 30's, have screwed up a lot, yet nothing, and I mean nothing, could keep me from loving them unconditionally.  I guess if I were in your shoes, and we both know I'm not, I take the  money and go to school, or vocational, and get a decent way to support myself, and that way when the time comes, you can get a marketable job, move out to your own sweet pad, and get on with life.  You could always just lie and say you are looking for a good man, but also have limited time since you have to study and do class work, and you feel led to do this so that should your husband kick the bucket some day, you'll be able to support your family.  They surely cannot argue with this, now can they?  And you won't be on a mission, will you?  This is a workable game plan, if you want to think of it in those terms.  If you don't want to be in school, check out your vocational programs, and how soon it'd be before you could get a job and get the hell away from this stress.  I'm so sorry for the pressure.  It can get better.  Honest to Pete, it can honey.

I think the age should be 25, after the frontal loab has been fully developed.


It's economically frigging impossible for a couple with no vocational training, college training that's marketable, anything at all that can pay the bills.  Toss in a baby or three, and our wonderful healthcare system here in the U.S. will see to it that you are in debt basically for the rest of your lives.  But where is the guidance concerning this?  The guidance saying O.K, if you have to sleep with this person, get hooked up, but get birth control shots, pills, Nuva rings, Cervical caps, IUD's, Diaphrams, Condoms, both male and female, or, if you really want your intellectual freedom, get a vasectomy, and continue working and going to school.  Because your life is going to suck big time, and little mothers out there, it ainta what you  think it's going to be.  Kill your lifetime dreams, and stay home and change shitty diapers, get up all hours of the night, maybe with colic, acid reflux, you name it, find out you are lactose intolerant maybe, put the kid on formula that costs some really good school time, and don't miss out on three grand for diapers, that is if you potty train your kid in a normal amount of time, and don't take them to church with shit in their pants when they are three.  Oh yeah, how come nobody talks  to young people about  reality?  My parents did, even ponied up for the first IUD.

How do I feel about this new "inspired mandate effective immediately"?  It angers me!

A poem from my heart right now:

Take a babe from the womb and raise it in a white room,

When the dark invades that room expose the child to your truth,

Watch how the child grows, ever correcting and threatening with love so dear,

And when the child become accepting send them on "your" errand true.


Now, this video for all to see:


Anger is exactly what I feel ... Thanks for the poem.

I find it EXTREMELY amusing how God, who is described as the supreme being, unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever, is constantly changing his mind about things.

Mission ages
the list goes on and on

If God were really behind all this, and he is who the church says he is, he wouldnt wake up one day and say 'oh yeah, men and women need to be younger to go when we send them to mormon concentration camp' He would have thought that the moment of the founding of the church. His next 'great' revelation should be to paint all the temples rainbow and place a sparkling unicorn instead of the Angel Moroni.

All this 'revelation' accomplishes is keeping young men from experiencing college. There are SO MANY who leave high school and go through that one year and realize they have much more to do than spend ten THOUSAND dollars to go preach for two years. They go to college, fall in love, find a fantastic job. Now they will be shipped straight from parental control into church control where they will be woken up every day to speakers saying 'the church is good, love the church, preach for the church, be the church'

The earlier they can ship kids off to the MTC the earlier they can imbed the the image that the church is everything they need. That and they have two years of nothing but brainwashing, solidifying their power and control over them.

This is exactly why Tom Cruise is single right now and Suri is out of it.

The church is having a hard time getting kids to go missions after they go to school for a year or more one they become unworthy and two they see the bull shit behind the church. They are scared because they are losing so many members.
What is bothering me right now is I have two nieces 18 & 19 who are in collage and doing well. But they are deciding on pitting papers in after this next semester. It is hard to see this knowing its not a good thing to do. I regretted my mission once i popped the Mormon bubble.

I need to ask a question here......isn't the whole idea of getting away from the church kind of redundant when you keep talking about the chuch, and using the same catch phrases as they do like 'firesides' and 'conferences"????? COme on!!!!!!!! 

You're either in or you're out. Pick a side of the fence to sit on and move on. Who gives a crap what they do and why they do it??????? If you don't stop talking about them, YOU NEVER LEFT< YOU'RE JUST SITTING ON THE SIDELINES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Sorry for being so direct, but if you think about it, you know I'm right.


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