LDS Coalition beings "Righting the Wrongs" and issues Proclamation of Apology

Here's a new video that explains how this came about:

And, here is the text of the Proclamation of Apology:

Proclamation of Apology
to Latter Day Saint Women and Girls,
Past, Present and Future

To all Latter Day Saint Women and Girls, Past, Present and Future:

The Latter Day Saint tradition of relegating women and girls to subservient positions and denying them equality with men in all matters is abhorrent and unjustifiable, and for this and all similar acts in the past and those that are on-going at this time, we apologize, and pledge to do all within our power to end this practice immediately.

Much of the inappropriate treatment of women and girls in the Latter Day Saint movement can be traced directly to the Latter Day Saints founding Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., whose reprehensible actions toward women and girls knew no bounds. The depravity of the Prophet Joseph and his close associates included polygamy, rape, sexual molestation, coercion, physical and mental abuse, forced abortions, intimidation, theft, smear campaigns against virtuous women, and many other grave injustices. These acts have been continued, unfortunately, by many men and leaders in the Latter Day Saint movement for the last 180 years. These acts have been largely denied, covered up, ignored or otherwise minimized by Latter Day Saint churches and their leaders. The acts of the perpetrators were wrong and are wrong and should never have taken place. Bishops, stake presidents, general authorities and other church leaders who were in any way complicit in aiding the perpetrators from evading justice or who did not take strong action to protect the victims, were also wrong. For all these egregious wrongful acts we offer our deepest apologies and pledge to immediately take corrective action.

And, for the myriad ways the institutions and leaders of the Latter Day Saint movement taught women and girls to feel inadequate or inferior, or discouraged women and girls from reaching their full potential, or in any way demeaned, disparaged, damaged, harmed, injured or diminished any Latter Day Saint woman or girl, we profoundly apologize and pledge to discontinue all such practices immediately.

We further promise that we will do better, and we ask you to hold us to that promise.

Proclaimed before God, angels, and various witnesses,
this 24th Day of September, 2010 by

Andrew D. Callahan
Executive Director
Latter Day Saint Coalition
for and on behalf of all churches and leaders
of the Latter Day Saint movement worldwide, past, present and future.

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Thanks for the apology Flatlander; we will never get one from the source of our subservient roles will we? We will take what we can get.


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