LDS Church spending a minimum of $25,000 per month on Facebook ads

I contacted the Facebook Ad Team in hopes of sharing our very own "I'm an Ex-Mormon" videos on Facebook in the same format as the LDS church, an embedded video that can be viewed instantly in Facebook.  The reason I contacted the Ad Team directly is because there isn't a video option in the regular ad creation steps.  I was somewhat shocked and disappointed by their reply, which indicates at least the minimum amount the LDS church must be spending on their Facebook ad campaigns per month.  This was their reply:



Hi Micah,

Thanks for your questions. At this time, ads with video capabilities are only available to managed clients with a minimum spend of $25,000/month. If this is something you're interested in please let me know.

We receive an overwhelming number of requests for discounted or free advertising from charitable causes and non-profit organizations. Due to the fact that we're unable to honor all of these requests, it's our current policy not to honor any of them. We understand that this may be frustrating and appreciate your understanding. Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions regarding Facebook Ads and we'd be happy to assist you further.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

<name changed for anonymity>
Online Sales Operations

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Whenever a mormon add pops up on the right side of the screen, I remove the add and mark it offensive. I don't know why they pop up so much. I figure it's because a high percentage of my friends have listed their religious beliefs as LDS. I know many others who do the same.

I am offended that tscc would spend that much money on advertisement, especially when there are so many other worthy things that the money could go towards.
I would guess that the "minimum" is a drop in the bucket to what they're spending. They always go overboard. After 12 years out of the church, I just begin to think I'm over the anger -- when the assholes do something that just makes my blood boil. And it boils over even more every time I see one of my family accepting it -- hook, line, and sinker!! Somehow, some way, we've got to get a reporter interested in exposing just how VERY little the church does in humanitarian aid compared to it's immoral and disgusting wealth! Oh, how I wish their pomposity would drive them to bankrupting the church. Fools can dream can't we?!
Sue, I keep thinking I'm past the anger and hurt too. But the uncharitable use of 98% of LDS funds just blows my mind, especially when they can post fancy ads on Facebook that are untouchable to our meager competition. I keep hoping to hear of their having to file bankruptcy, but I think they are way to wealthy for that, since most of their spending is likely off the dividends of tithing sitting in stock portfolios, a clever way to disguise and lie to members that tithing funds were not used for profitable investments.
Just joined. I so agree with what you said. All of it! I've been out 1 year and the anger against the church is huge. 4 of my kids are still very active. Doesn't it make you crazy how lds love to brag about how much their church gives to charity? It is such a lie. I bet the lds is one of the least charitable of all churches. I would love to see the church implode.
This reply was supposed to go under Mikeutah.
Of course, my LDS friends all "like" these ads, so they are recommended to me. I always remove them and tell FB that they are "misleading", because hey are nothing like what I knew of Mormonism.

We should start our own campaign, "I used to be Mormon".
The church should change its name to the Church of Desperation. I mean let's look at a few things, ok?

The church is desperate to keep gays and lesbians from having equal rights outside of its Sunday Services. They must fear something that we homosexuals are about to take over the world. So they dump literally millions into the California Proposition 8 thing.

The church is desperate to keep women, proverbially or literally, barefoot, pregnant and ignorant. They back the movement to defeat the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) and then start excommunicating those women and men publicly supporting this amendment.

The church is desperate to make itself look good and con more unsuspecting people to join its ranks. So they spend thousands if not more on a social network page to put their point across.

I mean, how desperate do you have to be. What are you hiding? Are you hiding the fact that people are opening their eyes to your insanity?! Are you so bloody worried that you are losing more intelligent members that you won't have bodies to take over when the current geriatrics kick the bucket. What are you so afraid of?

Just a few thoughts and rhetorical questions from me.
Oh, gad! You know what? It just makes me pity them: that they are trying SO HARD to create some kind of favorable image for themselves. That is a helluva lot of money!
The worth of souls is great! Is it any wonder that the church is spending great sums of money to recruit new members to keep the cash flow coming in.
I talked with some of the missionaries that serve my grandmother's branch. In their mission, the Michigan Lansing Mission, they use Facebook to proselytise their message to the unsuspecting souls. I thought I had heard everything, but apparently it is true.
Funny you mentioned that, Mike. My nephew just got back from that same mission about 2 weeks ago. I noticed that he had a lot of activity on his fb page, along with many of his companions there. Much more than I would have guessed for someone serving a mission.
Never ever be content with someone else's definition of you. Instead, define yourself by "your own beliefs", your own truths, your own understanding of who you are and how you came to be, and never be satisfied until you are happy with the unique person you are! Others will define you in ways that benefit them and never you.

They spend so much of others money on crap...for converts and tithing.



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