I currently have the new chat app enabled for beta testing.  Please report any bugs, features, likes, dislikes and other feedback here.  The new Chat App only appears at the bottom.  You won't see it on the Chat page (http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/chat).  I hope we can get some good feedback for the developers to resolve/enhance chat issues further.

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No popout option available yet.  To enable the "chirp" click the Options icon (the peep symbol/green dot) and then click "Sounds Off" to switch it to "Sounds On" with a check-mark.

Most of the problems I find are using my Mac with Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

It looks like there's no private chat.

The chime is weak and I find no volume adjustment.

The chat window is smaller than the previous one and I can't find a way to enlarge it.  Using Opera, it's much smaller.  Hard to keep-up with chat with a smaller window.

The chat window will not go to the background when I click on a LAM page.  I have to click the - button on chat, then I don't hear the chime anymore.

The chat window cannot be moved to a different part of my screen.  I liked putting the old one at the upper left or right.

Often, what I type doesn't show near as fast as I type, even on a LAM page when chat is running.  This is not a problem with Safari.

Sometimes reading back in chat is hard because the arrow keys will often fail to respond, or respond very slowly.  Safari and Opera do not have this problem.

With Opera, it's hard to bring-up chat.  I have to go to the very bottom of the LAM page to find it, and it doesn't reliably come-up.  Also, the bottom line of chat only shows the top half of the words until I use the arrow key to move it up.  But, the next post does the same thing.

OK, I was wrong about the private chat.  I found it.

Here's the feedback I gave to the developers:

These are the observations we have made of the new chat so far:

What I like:

  • I like the private chat opening in separate panes
  • I like that the members online list can be opened by itself
  • I like the red box that notifies how many posts since last viewing chat
  • I like that multiple replies by the same user in a row are grouped together under one posting of their name/avatar instead of a name/avatar for each post

What I miss and hope gets added:

  • Volume control for the chirp sound
  • Automated smileys/emoticons so you don't have to click on them etc ( :) makes a smiley)
  • More smileys :S |) :X
  • Taller chat pop up as it is too small/short for busy chat rooms
  • Time stamps for at least the first new post after a different users post
  • Popout ability (unless the old chat app is retained for that reason, which is fine as some of my users may prefer the old app anyways)
  • No search box to look for users online
  • Avatars don't show a larger pic when hovered over in the member list

Other observations, requests or bugs

  • Does not appear to be very compatible with Safari on iPod/iPhone/iPad as it disappears behind other text or appears transparent unless you scroll down to very bottom
  • "Members Online (#)" should allow for more than single digit numbers before showing "Members Online (1...)" (only happens when popped up, not minimized)
  • Color scheme doesn't appear to match my custom CSS, but maybe that is still in the works

That's all I have for now.  I'll add more if any of my members come up with other suggestions or problems.


You can use the old chat here: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/chat


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