A friend of mine sent me this article from The Best of Craigslist. Very insightful to us clueless guys but also a hilarious read. Warning, vulgar language is used, but hey, it's about sex so that's okay, right?


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HAHAHA! Just read this and then read it to my roommate. She loved it, I loved it. Great stuff!
My wife and I really loved it too! I got the point: Just Fnck her! (or at least when she wants it like that)
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or email the poster and ask her to write a book. So very true.
question: why aren't we actually coming out and spelling the words? Is this sight still testing the waters? If I want to swear do I need to Spongebob it up? BARNACLES! If I want to post pics of me when I'm drunk and wearing nothing but my Thor's Hammer necklace do I need to wear a hat as well? Pants? Just checking is all.
haha, no, it's probably just me still overcoming my inhibitions! I can say fuck alright, but typing it seems to hang me up. Go figure!
pantless pics will be posted soon! :)
my unofficial poll of my girlfriends also suggests women like it rougher than they are used to getting it.

Egalitarian sex = Boring IMO but its how Cosmo and Esquire seem to teach modern men to go about it.
I grew up in a family where sex was not discussed, with three older sisters. They all (with my mother) seemed to have very little interest in the male body, especially the d*ck.

So when I was posting at RfM, I asked the ladies what they thought of d*cks. They almost unanimously replied that they love them. All sorts of things they loved about them.

As funny as this article is, I think it's also mostly true. Leaving the church has been a revelation in more than one way, I can tell you. Gosh. Women like sex??!!


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