Has anyone heard about Joseph Smith Jr. believing in another lost tribe that had found it's way to the moon? Apparently they lived to be over 1000 years old and Joseph Smith Sr., while church patriarch, gave several blessings promising people they would serve missions there after christ's return... 


Can anyone enlighten me here, was this a common belief in the nineteenth century? Google is not helping me much on this one! 

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Thanks! This is perfect, just what I was looking for, now to go forth and spread the seeds of doubt...
I heard that Brigham Young said that people lived on the sun. But at this point I am not really surprised at what "prophets" have said. It would be cool to be a Moon missionary though...
Don't know how the astronauts missed that!!

Oliver B. Huntington said he remembered Joseph Smith saying there were moon people who dressed like Quakers, but there is "zero" evidence he ever said that other than Huntington's comments many decades later in a letter to the Young Woman's Journal.


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