Joesph Smith the innocent victim.

Richard and Pamela Price have written a book entitled Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy: How Men Nearest the Prophet Attached Polygamy to His Name in Order to Justify Their Own Polygamous Crimes.

“They claim the true origins of Mormon polygamy came from the charismatic leader Jacob Cochran, who convinced some two thousand supporters that what he called “the Patriarchal Order” -that is, polygamy- as practiced by Father Abraham, was the proper mode of marriage, and that this “spiritual wifery” was ordained of God.  By the time of Jacob Cochrane’s death in 1829, there were still upwards of a thousand dedicated polygamists in the movement he founded, and they settled themselves up and down the borders of Maine and Massachusetts, with the main body in Saco, Maine.
When the first Mormon missionaries arrived in 1832, they found the Cochranites to be extremely receptive to the message of the Restoration  No doubt during their prolonged interaction with each other, the Cochranites shared their philosophy of plural marriage with the Mormon Elders.
The Cochranite stronghold was such a fruitful place for converts that the young Church of Christ held a conference in Saco in 1834.  Nine of the twelve apostles were in attendance.
Although the Cochranites vanished from the history books by the end of the decade, they hadn’t really disappeared.  They had simply been folded into Mormonism, selling their farms and shops and moving to Kirtland and eventually Nauvoo, bringing their polygamous families and teachings with them.”

You can read more on:

 Therefore, the RLDS claim is that JS did not practice Polygamy but fought against it and that the LDS testimonies from his supposable ex-wives were fraudulent, given form the obedient polygamist wives of their husbands and leaders.

So what does this mean for the LDS? It means that 1) people see events from different viewpoints and 2) ether the RLDS are right or the LDS are right. If the RLDS are wrong then JS was a womanizer and scoundrel. If the RLDS are right then the LDs have altered the doctrines of JS and followed the doctrine of Jacob Cochran. Either way they lose.

To comment intelligently on this you need to go to the web above on Pure Mormonism and read the book animalist on “Why I’m abandoning Polygamy.”

Look forward to your responses

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Alot of it is cojecture but it was interesting to find out were he got the idea for polygamy from.


Isn't one definition of "fantasy" anything that cannot be backed up by hard evidence?.  It is too bad you are not even interested in examining the site, because that blog is having a great effect in guiding TBMs out from under the blind obedience of the church. You can't just start out promoting atheism to a believing Mormon, they will stop listening right there.

  The things offered as proof of Joseph Smith's philandering don't seem to hold up under close examination. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, but so far the evidence is weak.  Follow the footnotes to these historians and see where they take you.  My husband Rock is waking up a lot of confused TBM's by getting them to question their fixed beliefs.  The Church wishes they could reject polygamy.  But it HAS to affirm that Joseph Smith was a polygamist, otherwise their claims to authority would end with Brigham Young.  That's where the evidence takes us, that Brigham Young and his followers doctored the history in order to validate their corrupted version of the religion Joseph started.  Once you start to question Brigham Young's blatant dishonesty, it leads to the conclusion that the current brethren have no standing to take them back to Joseph Smith.  If a Mormon wants to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, then he is going to have to come to the conclusion that Brigham Young was not and that he only used Joseph Smith for his own credibility.


Rock isn't fully attached to any particular position on this polygamy issue, but he is still waiting for anyone, SOMEONE to answer the charges of the authors of the book.  As am I.  I would like to see something solid too.  They take apart all the so called evidence, and we can't find someone to refute it.

Did you read "Why Mormon History is Not What They Say"?  If that does not convince TBMs that the church will say anything to keep in power, nothing will.

Of course I am interested in visiting sites and examing evidence, That is how I found the article in the first place. Are you refering to the Pure Mormonism site or another site? I have not mentioned that I was an atheist in this discussion even though I am one. I became one by keeping an open mind as I examined ancient and modern texts. With the limited knowlege and investigation on this subject I am of the thought that the idea of polygamy was brought into the early LDS church by the Cockraneites. Joseph may have at first spoken out against it untill his lust took controll and practiced it as secrectly as he could untill he had to anounce that he had a revelatiion to renew the ancient practice. It is good to be the prophet because you can claim what ever you wish for was sanctioned by the lord. I am aware that the side that wins the war gets to write the history.Iam still open to more knowledge on the subject. i guess I need to buy the book.
What a joke!! Enough said about this BS. Get ready for some really good stuff shortly! Coming soon.... :)
The propoents of JS keep trying to make him out to be something he was not. But it is interesting to try and put the pecies of the jigsaw together. Every idea the church credits him for was stolen from someone else' ideas and practices.I am interested in what you have up your sleve,  
Yeah, me too.  What is this "stuff" you are teasing us with?  Details?

COCKranites fits in well here, does it not?


My great-great-grandpa came from that part of Maine and he had plural wives, the SOB.


So Joseph the Liar escapes all the blame for the blackeyes of Mormonism huh? Would that NOT make him a Prophet then? I mean if he didnt come up with any of this shit then how could he have been the leader, hence a Prophet? No matter how this history is sliced, its full of lies.  

You are absolutely correct! Your deductive reasoning is spot on.  I lean toward the LDS as being the liars, as we know from the information Rock provided that Brigham Young ordered the Documentary History of the
Church to be doctored.  Words were put into the mouth of JS that he never spoke in order to bolster BY's polygamist claims.


It's very apparent that the "Wives" of Utah's prominent men were under pressure to claim they had once been married to Joseph Smith in order to protect the empire they had built.  My husband has written more about why the wives would have to lie about it here:


I was totally convinced Joseph Smith originated polygamy until I saw the evidence that he fought it.  When I saw how section 132 magically appeared years after Joseph Smith's death, and who brought it forth and in whose handwriting it was, I was convinced it was a fake.  The Church has to maintain the fraud or their entire claim to a line of authority goes out the window.  And all those billions with it.

Even if JS fought against polygamy and all signs point to BY as the originator of the practice, what difference does it really make? BY was after all the 2nd Mormon prophet. Are Mormons more likely to strengthen their faith if BY is officially accepted as a fraud? How is it that identifying BY as the joker suddenly makes it all okay? Mormons will do everything it takes to keep believing, facing the legitimate alternative is just too scary.
Mormons are to follow the living prophet. The old profits are important but they lived in a different world. God gives revelation for our day so  what BY  or the others did doesnot really matter.So the TBM still keep believing. sa isn't it.

You are completely wrong about my husband and I. If we get X-ed for our beliefs- WE DO NOT CARE!!! We are NOT believing "Brigham-ite" Mormons. Not TBM's at all. We attend the church called Unity- not to be confused with Unitarian.

I completely "dissed" Joseph Smith, until very recently. You see, I believe that the Mormon religion is truly one of the GREAT religious conspiracies of our time. Does that sound like a "believing Mormon"? Unlike most former LDS and because I have died 4 times- (7, where I just left my body.) I KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Why is it that so many former Mormons become so bitter that they not only leave the church they become Atheists or Agnostic. I agree that Joseph Smith may have lost his way after 1830-31...POSSIBLY...but I have walked with God or Christ and so did my one of my sons, who already KNEW that he was gay when he died for 2 and 1/2 minutes, at 8, right after his stupid baptism and "conformation".

It breaks my heart that so many people become so angry, bitter and downright hateful when they leave the so-called church, that they give up all spirituality and their progression to a higher love and light. I do not weep for Zion, but I weep for the poor souls that are now so filled with darkness, that they lose their way.

Mock me all you will. I know that God's love is for EVERYONE, not the bullshit elitist "Story" that the Mormons teach.

Connie I was not mocking you. I was making a general statement about why many TBM’s stick with the LDS church. I have had a near death experience, a vision, heard the audible voice of the spirit, gave blessings with miraculous healings and other spiritual experiences. I had to find logical and scientific answers to why and how those events took place, which I did, Also after 6 years of biblical studies at university I realizes that Jesus life and miracles simply mirrored Horus, Apollonius, Pythagoras, Buddha and many other men that where thought of to be divine. You asked why so many of us turn Atheist, because we learned the truth and it set us free. If what you believe gives you comfort than that is good for you. Me , I do not need it, and I am happier, even though my wife and some of the kids still believe. All religions have the same purpose and that is to indoctrinate their flock so they can be controlled. We do not have to worry as much about the Mormon conspiracy as we do about the Islamic fanatics.


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