One evening, as I was browsing online I came across a website called Jews for Judaism. The website’s mission is to promote Judaism and to give Jewish people information regarding cults and evangelicals who seek to bring Jews into their various religions. This seemed interesting so looked further and I found a section about Mormonism. Since spiritually and mentally leaving the church I had never really thought about how much Mormon theology said about the Jews and Judaism. This site contains eight articles from a Jewish perspective regarding the flaws in Mormonism. I think it is worth a read. A good part of it deals with the standard pro truth (I hate the term anti-Mormon) arguments such as Amerindians not being Semitic and issues with the historicity of the BoM. However it brings up issues such as Brigham Young stating that real Jews will never convert to Mormonism until God wills it. This would be indicated by the Lamanites become fair skinned again. Therefore you’d have better luck trying to convert the devil himself (his words) than a Jew. This flies in the face of what Spencer Kimball said about the time being right to go and proselytize to the Jews as the author of the article points out. This site also has an interesting example of Joseph Smith making an ass of himself by trying to justify a plurality of gods based on his ignorance of Hebrew. Here’s the link, go have a look.

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Thanks for posting this, Mormons tend to think they are best friends to the Jewish people, interesting to see what they think of Mormons. I like this comment:

A good part of it deals with the standard pro truth (I hate the term anti-Mormon)


Thanks for posting this, I have friends who are Witnesses who will love what they say about them.  I haven't finished reading yet, but it is interestiing especially that they point out that Brigham was so confident as to say that anything he said was the same as scripture.

Devil Bar Kokhba

That really stood out to me too. I guess the church has forgotten how authoratative Bro. Brigham was when it came to Adam-God or race relations.


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