I would like to get a core group of women together who have left the mormon mindset behind, and meet up with these women every six months for a weekend retreat.  I want to grow old with these friends.  I need through thick or thin friends.  If you would like to be part of a group like this please let me know.  If we pool our money we could rent a very nice beach house, or mountain cabin that would hold all of us comfortably and not cost any of us too dearly.  I did this very thing for almost 20 years with a group of very dear TBM women, but they are dumping me :(....so I know how wonderful it can be, and that it is possible, to be connected like this every six months.  Except with our new group there would not be any fake, or passive aggressive crap, or perfectness lol.....it would just be us.  Our true selves.  Warts, hairs and all!!!
If you would like to try to help me get a core group going like this please let me know.  I would like to try to make our first get together, and get away weekend sometime this April.
I think this would be a healthy, life changing thing for some of us to do.


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I see that this was posted quite a while ago, but I am very willing! :) I think it sounds like a fantastic idea

So, have you made this happen, yet? Sounds like a great idea; if you're actually doing it in the future, please contact me with details.

Hi Jenny;

Just joined this site today and saw your post from awhile back.  If you have a group together I'd love to join!  I'm from the Portland OR area.

Are you getting together as planned? If so, would love to receive retreat info.

Sadly I never really got this off the ground. I posted this when I first left the church and felt very much left out to dry after being dumped by long time Mormon friends. Since I wrote this I have assimilated into a fairly normal life. I hang out with a couple of exmo gals but they too have pretty much moved beyond the LDS choke hold. Although there is a very healthy group of Portland Oregon Exmo's that meetup once a month. Find those guys and you will like them!

Thanks; I wish I could find some folks around Northern California. There was a very small group but the moderators became too busy for it. I'm glad you've assimilated.


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