I thought Id bring this up and see what others might think,or if they have even thought about it.So if you define god as a noun then you give him (him/her) a personality or a human form lets say.If you define him as a verb then its godliness.I find this is easier to relate to for me.Ive found that most religious people say he was created in our image, but I believe he is all around us and we cant see him because we cant feel him.Religious followers are too busy following the rules instead of being christ like.The ultimate goal is to be like christ,the only way Ive found for someone to become christ like is to eliminate all judgement and labels.It takes practice and awareness but can be done.If you dont judge others and accept that we all are on our own journey and we needed to go threw the struggles in order to become stronger and wiser.If you can do this then there is no need to be RIGHT,no need to convert,no need to look at anyone for what they have done or their belief system because you would just look at them as a human BEING.If you are christ like you would see outside the box and treat everyone with respect and not label as right, wrong,acceptable or unacceptable.I also think that once you do this then you truely can see the true meaning of spirituality.The holy ghost in my opinion is neglected in religion,they worship and believe in one but dont know how to explain it.In order to be a spiritual person you need to follow your inner knowings and you cant do this when fear,quilt and negative tactics are used to control you.People in religion follow a belief system of someone who has claimed to see god and they just follow along obeying rules hoping to do the time and make it to heaven,well I believe that in order to see god you first have to feel him.Godliness.So treating others with respect for what ever they believe or have done in there life is a key way to becoming christ like and youre only able to see god around you when you feel him.Godliness,Kindness,Love  etc.If any belief system uses fear,quilt,suppression,or any neg. energy its something to be aware of.Just my 2 cents.

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