I have ask several times, mormons, about if the earth isn't billions of y/o as science claims, then how do you explain all the dino fossils? My answers have been ironeous! I was told that when jesus,peter,james and john came down to form the earth as it states happened in the temple endowments, that the matter had already been used in other worlds and was in the form of big rocks with fossils.(a clever save) I've been thinking alot about that off and on for some time now... and the question hit me if that were true, then how does one explain all the fossil fuel? you know, crude oil? I'm no scientist but if fossils take millions and tens maybe hundreds of million years to materialize as science states then surely the crude from disentigrated fossils must take an awfully long time to develope. trillions of barrels all over the earth? where was it then floating in space also? lol NOT! I will confront some lds leader with it someday... anyone heard of this? I was also told that it was the radiation of the earth forming that made lizzards and other creatures grow to enormous sizes! (dino's) haha what did they eat lava? any 1 got any stories?

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Yeah, I was told that dinosaurs lived on other planets and their fossils were used to make the Earth. Why God couldn't have had them die and fossilize on Earth I don't know, but it seems this belief is somewhat widely held in the Mormon community.

When did Scientology make its way into the mormon communities?

Seems like L. Ron borrowed from Mormonism, or simple minds think alike


Mormons will argue dinosaur fossils with you till they're blue in the face. And theoretically it is possible for rocks from elsewhere in the universe to collide with the earth bringing al sorts of foreign material and evidence with them.

Instead build your argument around something that could have only happened on earth.

Here are some examples: The formation of the Hawaiian Islands (look at any chart of the Pacific Ocean floor, and you'll see that Hawaii isn't just the 7 or 8 islands we think of as "Hawaii". Hawaii has been built by a "hot spot" in the core that pushes lava up through the crust. The hot spot doesn't move, but the Pacific plate over it does. The hotspot creates a large bulge in the crust, which raises the level of the ground above it. The big island is currently what sits directly over the center of the hot spot (which is why it's the "big" island, and explains all the volcanic activity). As the plate continually moves northwest, the islands at the west end of the chain gradually sink into the ocean, over millions of years, while new islands form at the east end of the chain. There are currently at least two new mounds forming under the surface of the water, east of the big island, whixh will most likely emerge in another few thousand years.

(check out this page:http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/Hawaiian.html  )

If you keep following the chain northwest, you will see that it reaches all the way to Siberia, and includes Midway Island (one can only imagine how high those peaks reached when they were directly over the hot spot). Geologists estimate that the chain took over 70 million years to build. Iceland is another example of an island built by a hotspot.

You could also use the evidence of the split between Africa and South America and the rift in the Atlantic Ocean floor, and many more similar occurrences.

There is much evidence of the antiquity of the earth that can be clearly demonstrated by phenomenon that could have only taken place within the earth itself AFTER it was formed. I would use that evidence to build my argument against the "young earth" buffoons, and not even bother with dinosaur fossils.

Another example of evidence of natural phenomenon in the earth that could have ONLY occured AFTER the earth was formed, are the many glaciers that are each tens of thousands of years old. Glaciers are only formed from snow and ice on mountains that already existed in their present form, prior to the presence of the glacier. Additionally there are ice sheets on Antarctica that scientists estimate as AT LEAST 3 million years old, containing chunks of ice that may be as much as 8 million years old.

(see here: http://discovermagazine.com/1996/feb/theworldsoldesti706)

Again these phenomena could have only occured on the earth in its present form.

FYI, glaciers and Ice sheets also refute the idea of a global flood at the time of Noah. Had flood waters covered the entire earth. We would see evidence of both sea water in the ice, as well as significant melting during the period the ice was covered with the much warmer salt water. We would also expect to see some remains of sea creatures in the ice, if the flood had completely covered the earth. Where are they?

Great points Eric!  I had never thought of those examples.

If you believe that the Sun receives it's light from Kolob, then believing that dinosaur bones came from another planet when god formed the earth can be believable. The problem, of course is that the Sun and stars receive their light from thermonuclear fusion, and planets are formed when stars go supernova. The likelihood of dinosaur bones floating around a nebula is less than zero. I know that the supernova is hot enough to combine elements to make uranium for example, but no fossils. science offers a simpler explanation of natural events than some all-knowing/loving faraway magician-god.

Remember as science progresses, LDS inc. always changes it's policy, I'm 46, and when I grew up the view was always tought me with strictness, over and over "a day in Kolob is a thousand years on earth, and it took 6 thousand years to make the earth. Then, now even in Temple ceremonies, it's now policy to state, " a period of time" no more a thousand years each day when they speak of earths creation anymore... Over time people will join and never know the old policy and how unscientific it was..... everything is that way , it seems they use this system to pacify it's members...you know the non-thinkers who just exept any bizzare teaching as being of "The Spirit" because some old men say so....

I remember being taught the day being a thousand years doctrine also.


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