Since leaving the church, like most of us, I've struggled to define issues that were previously defined by religion. Suicide is one issue I've recently been contemplating. Is it really wrong? Aside from the obvious risks incurred with survival, don't we deserve the choice of when and how to die? Yes, of course, I understand that people suffer when one unexpectedly drops out of life, but shouldn't this be a personal choice? I know this is a sensitive subject, but also think it is worth discussing.

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I think that what anyone makes of their own life is their business. I don't believe in the afterlife, so I don't think it's "right" or "wrong". Even when I don't agree with the idea I don't think the suicide would be punished in any way.

On the other hand, I feel life is much more worth living since I left the church. The realization that I am not immortal (I was raised in the church and really believed that) left me with the urge to live and experience. This is not just a short "testing" time between eternities. It's all the time we have. Go on and live.

No, I do not think is it necessarily wrong. However, one should take into account the people who will suffer and what they will have to deal with because of one's death.

agreed Nicholas

I agree that there are no rights and wrongs, just what works for us.  The bad thing about suicide is that it is a permanent solution to what is often a temporary problem.

I am a nurse and see so many people fighting to cling to their lives that they find precious, even in a limited capacity.  I remember one patient of mine who attempted suicide by shooting his face.  He survived and is now horribly disfigured, has endured numerous surgeries, and lives on constant pain medication.  Yet now he sees how beautiful and worthwhile life is, a thing he didn't see before shooting the gun. 

And yes, suicide does leave a giant black hole in the lives of everyone surrounding you.  That is a huge consideration of course.  I think the biggest benefit to suicide is just knowing there is always a way out of the pain, that escape hatch is there if we ever have to use it.  The trick is to live in the moment and get through today.  Find joy in the little things, and almost always problems find a way to work themselves out.

I agree with everyone here.  Not really an issue of right or wrong to me.  

I am tempted to say it is a sad option, but then there is always the exception to that, those situations where it would be an optimal choice.  Life is precious to most all of us and that does make it seem like avoiding suicide is a good idea.  Someone said it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, I think most times that is too true!  I think every human being has infinite worth and has unique things to contribute to the world. I agree with Nacho in all the things you said- about it being ones own business and yet on the other hand life after leaving the church is much more worth living isn't it??  !! I have felt that as well.  Vast majority of the time suicide is a cry for help.


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