Hey all,


Is postmormon.org down for anybody else?  Or is it just my computer that won't go there?


Is this the beginning of the Mormon Cyber Tet Offensive?  Does the City Creek project actually hide a multilevel underground complex dedicated to sanitizing the internet of all things not correlated through the COB?  Is Lloyd D. Newell an android?


Many questions.

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Yes, it's down.

When this happens (and it has a couple of times since I started blogging there) I always wonder if a TBM was able to inject a virus to shut it down.  

Usually if the site is going to be down we all get a heads up, so I am assuming this was something not planned.

Anyway, I am glad it isn't just my computer.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  I think I will go to a $3.00 today...yahoo.

Oh...and today is my third anniversary of joining the exmo blogger world at Postmo 




A wonderful Sunday to you as well.  I'll be spending it at the Funbrary.  ;)


And I don't know what a $3.00 is, so I'm going to assume it has to do with alcohol and say kudos.



movie....3.00 movie.  i type in my head a lot and the word don't make the page sometimes :)
I can't get on, either.

Oh, thank Gaia. Postmo is down. Thanks for letting me know because you totally made my day and otherwise I would have had no idea.


(And, drat, I just checked and it's back up again.)


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