As we approach 3,000 registered users here on LAM, I figured it would be nice to have a thread where anyone who wants to can briefly introduce themselves.  I'll start below in the comments.

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Please keep this thread limited to introductions and related comments.

Thank you.


Hello my name is Jeff, I started my exit November 2010, with the help of the Elders in my ward. They reintroduced me to alcohol and partying and I found that we had the same doubts about the church, and they were on their mission. I had a problem with the temple/mason connection. The book of Abraham, kinder hook plates and other lies that were portrayed as revelation. I am married my wife is TBM and tmy kids are too. I have a testimony that the church is no different from all the other churches, they are an abomination. I am a cultural Mormon that is why I enjoy you guys.

This doesn't appear to be on topic.  Please keep your comments limited to introduction and friendly remarks to others.

Josef. Mike is really trying to be patient with you.

I tried to message you personally but I can't

Let me blunt:

Everytime you quote post irrelevant posts I get an email. You are flooding my mailbox and many other people. Please stop.

Your not converting anyone - in fact in my case you are doing the opposite.

 Your posts just make everyone annoyed and dislike you.

He has been warned.  Suspension will follow if not discontinued.

I was raised by inactive parents in a very lds dominated area of southeast Idaho. Baptised at 8 because my mom believed in baptism, I attended primary on and off throughout my youth, eventually becoming a deacon before finally dropping off the church radar. My most vivid primary memory is of how red the primary teacher's face was while bawling me out for taking advantage of the fact that everyone had their heads down and eyes closed to slip out early. By high school I had reach a little ' anti' literature and knew about the treasure seeking court cases. I, along with my friend (who was as Catholic as I was Mormon) would get into discussions with the rest of the classroom whose primary argument was 'but I get a good feeling when I pray. ' I slept through 1 semester of seminary just because I needed to fill a slot in my schedule. After high school I lived a worldly existence while exploring Buddhism, New Age culture, the occult, 'herbalism' and a bit of misspelled ' lds' and developed the Theory of The Big Pink Everything (I was seeing at a cellular level and the nuclei were pink).
Then I ended up marrying a wonderful young Mormon girl. After 15 months of civil marriage, I had sufficiently corrupted and debauched her and. . .I found myself being felt up and doing stand up sit down secret handshakes in the Idaho Falls temple. I hated it! However, I loved my wife, and continued faking my way through life as a Mormon. Over the next 19 years I drifted along through various levels of begrudging activity, attending the temple sporadically, holding minor callings and generally just going through the motions to keep her happy and provide my 2 kids with some religious foundation (my mom became a Bible studying Jesus freak and her biggest regret was not instilling a love of god in my sister and I). I did crossword puzzles and read novels through Sunday meetings for years. The last few years saw me finishing my membership clerk duties after SM and walking home. I really didn't give 2 shits for the church, it was just something I had to put up with to keep the peace.

About a year ago, I read Penn Jillette's book, 'God No! ' and realized I might be an atheist. Then I read Hitchens and Dawkins and realized I was an atheist. Googling 'atheist married to a Mormon ' led me to the Mormon expression podcast and the ex/post-Mormon Facebook community. From Dec.through Feb, I lived a very secretive life hiding books and InPrivate browsing and constantly listening to podcasts. I went from total apathy to a voracious church history buff. I confirmed what I already thought I knew, the church was a fraud. I knew I had to tell my wife, and in preparing for the worst response, I lied my way through a recommend interview (just in case). I even took one more last ditch trip to the temple. That was the final nail, I knew (with every fiber of my being ) I couldn't fake it any longer.

President 's day 2012 saw me come out to my wife as an apostate. Ironically, it has actually improved our marriage, we communicate better and more openly, we rediscovered the love we had for each other and have committed to our marriage. She has not only supported, but encouraged my interactions with the local ex-no community and has attended several get togethers, finding acceptance, support and genuine friendship from ex-mos that has been virtually non-existent from ward members. As Primary president, she enjoys her calling and is content with the comfort and familiarity of the belief system she was raised in. She works part-time for the Morg as a counselor and loves her work helping others. Her large family is still very active, and while most of her 5 siblings know about me, we haven't told her parents, and don't plan on it. As nephew mission, niece baptism and BIL sealing loom on the horizon, it may become an issue, but c'est las vie.
We have agreed not to talk about the historical and doctrinal issues that I have problems with, for now, and I have no desire to destroy her relationship with her Savior and heavenly father, but the time will come when we will talk about the polyandrous pachyderm and the fraud that continues to prey upon good people, taking their best intentions and charitable behavior for it's own corporate purposes while charging them 10% for the privilege. She is a pretty liberal cafeteria style Mormon, and is slowly beginning to question and see the hypocrisy. I have hope that she will come to a tipping point and follow me out. If not, I still love her and will continue to support and stand by her as long as she will have me. We have 2 kids and agree that they must make up their own minds, and I have done my best to be honest in answering their questions without overloading them or being too negative towards the church. They have been told that they can't just skip church cuz dad doesn't go anymore than they Have to go just to make mom happy.

My 17 yr old son is still halfway in, he enjoys blessing the sacrament, but dislikes S S and YM , being the only older boy in class and often leaves after SM or goes and helps his mom in primary. He has talked about eventually going on a mission, but balks at the idea of paying for the privilege, we will see how it goes, and support whatever he decides to do.
My 13 yr old daughter, upon being told of my disaffection, remarked 'well, I think it is a very sexist church' was the only female in our ward (and the one that shares our bldg ) to wear slacks on pantsmageddon. She attends mostly to appease her mom and for socializing. She is very much a critical thinker and has been asking me for podcasts to listen to. She seems to be following in her old dad's footsteps. She currently is lobbying for a coffee maker. How much of this is just teenage snark is yet to be determined.

For a long time I felt like a one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, but was bothered by little nagging doubts that maybe I was just to stubborn and unworthy, maybe those nice righteous fellows in EQ really did have some special connection and a powerful witness that have them such profound testimonies. I felt like a total phony as I participated in and peeked during blessings and ordinations, I was an imposter and I resented the church. Coming out as an unbeliever was one of the most liberating and uplifting things I have ever done. Living authentically and being free to be myself is amazing. I have gone past most of the anger and resentment and have settled into a nice balance between the church and the ex-mo world. I enjoy participating in online groups both ex-mo and atheist oriented to both learn as well as to provide information and support for those just finding their way out. I never had any interest in socializing with members when I was in, but I can't seem to get enough reading about, chatting with, and meeting former and disaffected members.

Hello All.  I'm Marshall.  I left the church in 2007.  I have two kids and am divorced.  I live in Idaho and work as a shamanic practitioner and personal development/self-discovery mentor.  I hate Barney.  I love the Wiggles.  Ice cream is the bestest.

nothing beats a good bit of sin and nice cold beer! 


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