Anyone have any experiences where they have been told to deny their own feelings and thoughts and just "serve"?

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Yup, and have always questioned as to why. Its gotten me into a lot of trouble by my folks when I was young. The teachers (priesthood leaders) said that I was too headstrong, never listened, and, of course, never obeyed. Blah, is all I can say to that. As well as the infamous "LOL".


Anyways, about the time I was around 16, we, as in all the young men, were brought into a room where we had to listen to someone from the 70 speak on serving a mission. He said that it was our duty to "god" to go out and help those who could not help themselves. At this point, I had raised my hand, stood up, and said, "Why?" The man explained it in his own words, trying to please my inquiry. However, I wasn't exactly one of those idiot children running around these days. My mind was constantly active, which led me to be a better thinker than most. I kept right on questioning the man, until I was pulled out, almost literally, and told that I had to shut up, listen, and obey.

Yes, and despite the reassurances, it didn't help my testimony. 


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