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One question.  Frequently other religions are discussed.  I've used examples as reasons for PTSD.  Would this be considered hateful?  Or, what would be a better way of discussing these "touchy" subjects?  I've tried to be general about my situation, and things that have happened since leaving the church, but sometimes personal topics do come up.  Can you elaborate on this a little?

Here is a clarifying reply that I also posted on the "What if I'm wrong" video:


I understand where you are coming from and the concern that what one shares as beliefs will be misinterpreted by others as preaching.  I intend to lean on the side of acceptance rather than swift intolerance, meaning, look before I leap and examine the intentions behind the post before issuing warnings or suspensions, and if in doubt, let it be or approach the user to try understand them better.  I do hope LAM can be a safe place for all exmos, whether they are exmos to Christ, to Buddha, to Zeus, or to nothing.  The one warning that was issued for preaching was primarily do to the member private messaging several people, unsolicited, their beliefs and website, so it was a matter of perceived preaching and spamming.  I'm more tolerant of beliefs being shared in the open forum when they are on topic, so long as understanding from both sides is the goal and the discussion remains civil.


Anyways, don't be afraid to share your beliefs when they are on topic, but don't be surprised if they are responded to with ...skepticism and with sources or evidence that may begin to erode your own faith as occurred in Mormonism.  In the words of a pretty smart fellow, "Faith, as well intentioned as it may be, must be built on facts, not fiction.  Faith built on fiction is a damnable false hope."


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