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Ugly, individuals who seek to antagonize others are often LOOKING for people to fight back. By not responding to such things, one denies the antagonist what they want and hopefully discourages further such activity.
LIKE!  Akamar, smart smart smart smart smart!

This isn't a professional therapy session with trained therapists.  There are places you can go to and get than kind of help if you need it. 


Getting out my popcorn and waiting for the big show to start!  ;-)

I agree 'ugly'. Best to let emotions be expressed and released in a safe environment. However, caution needs to be taken such that those emotions don't get inappropriately lashed onto other users in the form of personal attacks, defamation, slander and disrespect. As "The Four Agreements" by Miquel Ruiz outlines (paraphrasing), "be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions, don't take anything personal and always do your best."  I find these words of wisdom very helpful in guiding the articulation of my thoughts, opinions and observations.
Just know that personal attacks, defamation and disrespect between, towards or from any users on LAM will not be tolerated.  And hey, if somebody said something that agrees with my logic, reason and past experience, I'm going to use it in my own practice of life. :-)
Love that book, Micah!

Life After Mormonism is a safe haven for people to discuss their issues within the context of mormonism.  Talking openly about our issues within the context of that religious experience is what helps us to move forward.  I'm sure there are other venues on the internet that cover topics where people can rant about what bugs them in life beyond the scope of what the focus of this site offers. 

My sentiments exactly!

Couldn't have said it better - thanks!

Ugly, you misunderstand. While yes, there are people who simply need to vent, there are also people who are simply looking to start a fight. With the latter, it's simply best to avoid such altercations, because it only encourages their behavior and contributes nothing to the community.

As for venting.. well, like Micah says, we're not therapists. I like to think we're there if people really need to discuss something, but hopefully it can remain constructive, rather than degenerating into conflicted garble.
Very Well Said Akamar.  I agree 100%
+2 for Akamar. I also agree


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