If you are looking for a new journey where are you headed?

 I have been on a spiritual journey ever since I left this belief system, and I have been doing a lot of research on what is interesting to me in everything that I can find.Last night I watched this documentary called   Around the world in 80 Faiths. Its on  Topdocumentaryfilms.com and its about a man who goes on a years journey across the world and gets first hand experiece on all these beliefs.Its very interesting and if you are looking for a new way this might help you in making a choice of who to follow or finding out for yourself if you dont want to be a part of any religion.Its a little long but if it helps then thats what this is all about.Its interesting to see people on this site and what direction they are going now.The film is under the religion catagory.Hope this helps.

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What is it you are trying to get away from?Organized religion,Spirituality,Personal discovery,Or god / higher power.
Sounds interesting, thanks for the tip! :)
I am very aware of the hicks and have read several of their books.I too believe in god as a higher power of positive energy and pure unconditional love.I feel way to get closer to god and mankind is to be free from a boxed mindset like religion so your not defending anyone belief system.I find it easier to treat everyone equal when Im on no side.I feel that we all are on a different path of consciousness and we grow spiritually when we free our minds and open them to how we feel.Following your feelings,gut instint,and emotions.Congrats on following your soul.

I just finished a book called "The book of est" and read the following quote from the originator of this training and found it to be enlightening:

You see, I think there is not anything but spirituality. So when you try to identify something that is more spiritual than something else, it is a lie. That's all there is, there isn't anything but spirituality... Anytime we experience, it is a spiritual experience, because experience is spiritual."

I have found this to be true for myself, especially when I live in the moment and enjoy each experience to the fullest.  Also, those "spiritual" experiences I had in Mormonism (warm fuzzies, love, joy, tears, emotion etc) I've found can be had from many a source unrelated to any religion, from secular movies to music, to experience itself.  Good topic.  Thanks for the post.

I think we are on the same exploration.Thank you.If you would go to the movie and just watch the last 30 minutes and tell me what you think of the Damankur experiment segment.I would love to hear what you think and your opinion.Thanks
Which video?  I don't see a link.
Sorry Im not sure how to activate the link.Its at  Topdocumenatyfilms.com then go to the religion catagory on the right and its called Around the world in 80 faiths.Thanks

I took my journey via a liberal university to study biblical studies to find out were all the crap came from. I learned the truth and it set me free to be a critical thinker and an atheist.

Dan Stapleton


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