Ideas needed for Ex-Mormon/Postmormon/LAM T-shirts and other paraphernalia

Hi everyone!

LAM is excited to announce the opening of our own CafePress paraphernalia store with the design to sell fun and provocative T-shirts and other paraphernalia for the ex-mormon community.  The store is already open with some preliminary examples ready to buy or to stir your imaginations on what you would like to see in the store.  It is hoped that the store will cover or at least supplement the yearly operating costs of LAM, or even pay for some billboards as done by Postmormon if the interest and income is great enough.

So let's put our collective imaginations together and create an awesome resource of paraphernalia for our growing community.

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Shot glasses!!!

I need a shot glass with every temple and prophet on them for my collection!
Yup, those too. Other paraphernalia include the following: An assortment of shirts (men, women and children sizes), tote bag, baseball cap, coffee mug, clock, baby bib, teddy bear, messenger bag, apron, dog T-shirt, water bottle, bumper sticker and keepsake box.
I want a shot glass with the name of every girl under 17 that married into polygamy to a GA.
If it had their birthday or marriage date then I could toast them and give them my sympathy of the proper date.
That would have to be a mighty big shot glass to fit all of those women!
OK, (smart a--) then just one shot glass per girl. These were not BYU girls so it may not have to be as large as you think.
I would love to offer the shot glasses but unfortunately they are not among the products available through CafePress.
Can you acquire bumper stickers? The ones where we can write our own text would be fun.

"Would you marry your 14 year old daughter off to a GA?"
"Send your 10 percent to the Red Cross"
"There is life after a cult -"
"Gay Mormons for abortion"
There might be more options for that kind of thing. I'm still learning to use so if I find a way to allow custom bumper stickers, I'll consider adding it to the store.
How about Peep-stone sun glasses...... "By wearing them, they even make BYU co-eds look better."
T-shirts: Eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow you'll be in Utah.
I'd buy just about anything emblazoned with that phrase.
an iteration on that: Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you'll be Mormon!


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