Ideas for online LAM community events, contests, parties and more

I am looking for some feedback for online LAM Community activities, events contests and such that would be interesting to you and other users to encourage more social connecting, friending and online participation.  Please share any ideas you have or what types of activities would interest you.  A few that come to mind are below.

  • Photo, art or other contests
  • monthly/weekly chat parties
  • video chat panels discussing various topics
  • Seasonal or holiday themed contests (pumpkin carving, costume contests, decorating etc)
  • Creative writing/story telling events/contests

Please comment on the above and/or add your own.

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My first idea is a little off-topic.  Is it possible to add a POLL area, similar to this?:

My favorite experience has been when like-minded people have camped out for a few days.  I'm familiar with wilderness issues where we had a choice of days' events but it could easily be substituted with LAM topics.  The discussions in that type of setting have been great.   What if there was a way to connect the various ex-mormon groups when there's events and do something similar?  Even for a day event, I'd take an outdoor location over a building any day.


Camping out sounds enjoyable.

I would like to see us branch out into different languages.  Just as we have Friday night chat in English, perhaps we could have Sunday night chat in Spanish.  It could be an exciting arena and be very useful.  We have the linguistic skills!  


It could be done in its own dedicated area!  IMHHO, there is potential there.  




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